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Out of all the anthropological events to ever grace this planet, the discovery of the “New World” or Americas has got to rank amongst the ones with the biggest impact. Can you imagine finding out that the world possesses yet another huge continent? It blew everything we thought we knew completely out of the water, and also spawned the acquisition of an unimaginable amount of wealth – just a shame it came at the expense of several civilizations like the Inca and Mayans. As with all important historical events, it just wouldn’t be right if an online slot wasn’t made with all this in mind. Enter Gonzo’s Quest – a slot game where you will be dropped slap-bang in the middle of the search for El Dorado, the city of gold – view here.

About Gonzo’s Quest and its Bonus Features

Where does the name Gonzo come into all of this? We hear you cry. Well, NetEnt have looked to the history books here, because Gonzalo Pizzaro was a real life conquistador, and this fact makes the game all the more exciting. As you begin playing a short animated film – in pristine 3D may we add – greets you, and explains a bit about Gonzo and his quest. It is a nice touch and enables this online slot to have a really gripping narrative right from the offset. The background is also amazing, with an Inca temple and water fountain appearing from the depths of the Central American jungle. You will encounter a range of symbols whilst playing Gonzo’s Quest, all of them taking the form of an Inca carving on a piece of stone, usually of an animal or human.


Gonzo’s Quest, therefore, is very visually appealing, but things get even better once you start experiencing the innovative gameplay. There is no reel spinning here, for instance, with NetEnt instead making use of the avalanche system that we have seen in other games like Asgardian Stones. The symbols fall from above and when they create winning combinations they explode in a very dynamic 3D manner – it is far more exciting than simply spinning the reels. You will really want to line up a few of the Free Fall symbols, because this is your ticket to up to 15x free spins, all of which can potentially be multiplied.


About NetEnt and Other Slots by Them

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Gonzo’s Quest: Will You Find El Dorado?

Straight off the bat one thing you can say with pure conviction is that Gonzo’s Quest is a fantastic game to play in aesthetic and narrative terms, becoming far more engrossing than most other online slots out there. It is also rather lucrative thanks to the avalanche system that NetEnt have adopted. What more can you ask for?

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