Buyer’s Guide: Numatic Homecare Range Products

Numatic International Ltd. is a company that produces a variety of cleaning equipment. Its goal is to produce and provide cleaning solutions for different industries: home, hotel, hospital, kitchen, etcetera. It has three ranges, the Homecare Range, the Cleancare Range and the Procare Range, but homeowners love the Homecare Range the most. This range features 16 different products from which you can choose from. Here’s a detailed guide for every Numatic Homecare Range product available in the market for you:

Henry and Hetty Products

Most of Henry and Hetty products come with a stainless steel tube set, cable rewind function, TriTex filtration system and A-class energy. Unless otherwise specified, these are the features you’ll find in these products. Here are more detailed descriptions of each:

  1. Henry and Hetty Compact

Both of these products have a 6-litre capacity plus a compact design for easy storage. They are a great fit for those who live in small houses or apartments that have limited storage space.

  1. Henry and Hetty Classic

Numatic is most known for its Henry vacuum. The classic design and top performance of this vacuum cleaner are the reasons that a lot of homeowners have grown to love the brand. The Henry Classic and Hetty Classic have the same features, so you will get the same level of cleaning from both. Another great thing about these vacuum cleaners is that it’s so easy to find spare parts for them! Numatic spares and accessories for these classic vacuums and Numatic’s other products are available at Spares 2 You.

  1. Henry and Hetty Cordless

The Henry and Hetty Cordless vacuums make cleaning more convenient because you don’t have a wire to worry about while vacuuming. They come with two battery packs, so you can use one while the other is charging. They have 6-litre capacity and compact design for easy storage.

  1. Henry and Hetty Spray Mop

These spray mops come with a microfibre mop head that catches small particles and dirt from your floors, have an on-board liquid dispenser for a more convenient mopping, and can be operated by hand or by foot.

  1. Henry Professional

The Henry Pro has an on-board accessory storage for easy and convenient cleaning. You won’t need to make trips to and from your storage space just to get the accessories you need.

  1. Henry Xtra

The Henry Xtra comes with a comprehensive kit that includes a variety of accessories. This allows you to clean more surface types at home.

  1. Henry Micro

The Henry Micro has MicroTex filtration that traps micro-particles and dirt. It is allergy UK-approved, which makes it a great fit for households who have members that are allergic to dust and airborne particles.

  1. Henry (HVW370) Wash

The Henry Wash has a huge capacity. It can shampoo carpets and clean hard-floors.


Harry has a 9-litre capacity, stainless steel tube set, cable rewind, Microfresh filtration, HairoBrush accessory, and A-class energy.


James has an 8-litre capacity, cable storage, aluminium tube set, and A-rated energy.


Charles has a 9-litre wet capacity, 15-litre dry capacity, aluminium tube set, plus wet and dry accessories.


George is an all-in-one vacuum that has 9-litre wet capacity, 15-litre dry capacity and 6-litre extraction capacity plus a comprehensive kit.

These are the products from the Numatic Homecare Range. If you want to keep your floors and carpets clean, why don’t you check out these vacuum cleaners?

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