5 Subjects to Study That Creative People Will Love


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Let’s be honest: paleontology, engineering and computer science may not be at the top of a creative person’s list of career choices. If you rather have a love for building structures, painting or crafting items from scratch then you are part of a collective known as innovators.

Creativity is the most important skill in the world because you’re able to think outside of the box and solve major problems. Good news: there are myriads of career choices for people like you. Here are the top five subjects to pick from if you’re looking for a creative career.

1. How to Write a Graphic Novel

If English was your top subject at school because of your excellent way with words, then consider becoming an author. Take it one step further and write a full-featured graphic novel with stunning pictures created by your own hand.

For those who can’t travel to universities to study, select an online school that offers extensive courses on this subject. The advantage of structuring a graphic novel is that it’s not demanding. As a result, you’ll have plenty of time to spend doing other activities you enjoy.

2. Learn How to Make Delectable Cultural Foods

There are many careers for high-quality chefs and this occupation can take you places. Cruise ships, overseas restaurants and celebrities are always looking for chefs that can cook various types of meals.

Learn how to make cultural dishes so you can travel around the world and make food for a variety of societies with specific traditions. You could even do catering for cultural weddings and events.

3. Painting Classes for Beginners

Painting is a therapeutic passtime and it can become an excellent career choice too. You’ll learn paint theory, techniques and the various types of paintings you can work on. Pick your preferred style between water colours, acrylics, oils or use all of them for mixed media art.

If you know how the art industry works, you can sell your paintings in a gallery, on ships or auction them off to the highest bidder. But you’ll need to know how to produce high quality paintings first. Get started with a course that can help you sharpen your talent.

4. Graphic Design Courses

Although it may seem like the graphic design industry is saturated with candidates, there is still a need for professionals in this field. Since we’re all operating in the digital age, many companies require a strong graphic designer that can:

  • Build websites
  • Create stunning imagery for social media pages
  • Build logos

Natural talent will help, yes. But the best way to become a highly skilled graphic designer is if you study a course on the subject.

5. Making Movie Sets

Do you want to go into production design? You’ll learn all there is to know on how to create props, costumes, movie sets and more. If you take this career path you could be working on big blockbuster films or stage productions.

Final Thoughts

So are you ready to take your place in the world as an innovator? Pick your subject and get creative.


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