How Did Fruit Machines Become a Thing of the Past?

It’s an inevitability that human inventions continually evolve and change, and on the whole, this is a wonderful process. However, the downside to evolution is that some of the things we have enjoyed and loved can soon become a thing of the past, as bigger, better and fresher items arise, often thanks to advances in technology.

If you’ve been a fan of gaming over the past couple of decades, you’ll understand exactly what we mean. The way games are presented and played as altered dramatically thanks to the introduction of the internet and highly advanced consoles.

In a very similar way, the gambling industry has seen major changes. Online slots have taken over the traditional fruit machine with such force in the past 20 years that it almost feels like we blinked and fruit machines disappeared. Fast becoming a thing of the past, the land-based slot machine can still be found in brick and mortar casinos and pubs across the nation but their popularity has dwindled immensely in correlation with the rise of internet-based slots. Quite simply, online slot machines have massively upped the stake in the gambling world. Players have discovered a whole new realm of gambling by accessing their favourite fruit machine games online without having to leave their homes. The convenience of playing slots online at sites such as Goldrush Slots is staggering, so it’s no great surprise that the old fashioned fruit machine is gradually becoming forgotten.

From Land to Screen

We interact with one another very differently in the modern age than we once did. With far less face-to-face human interaction and more screen time, the digital age is a very different world to one we once knew. We can do most things online these days: pay our bills, have work meetings, connect with friends, play games and go shopping. And why not? Life is increasingly busy and demanding, so it makes sense for us to be able to carry out simple tasks at our fingertips. Socialising is far easier too; though it’s up for debate whether online socialising is as beneficial to us as the real thing.

Some people are natural introverts too. Heading out to the local pub or casino takes effort – both mentally and physically – and thanks to social anxieties lots of people would opt out of making small talk at their local casino. Online slots are the perfect choice for introverts, though that’s not to say that online slots are anti-social games. There are plenty opportunities at many great online casinos to interact with other members and get involved in the slots community.

Good vs Bad

If you’re nostalgic about slots, of course, the phenomenal takeover of online slots globally is going to make you feel a little sad. But it’s not all bad! In addition to the benefits of online slots that we have outlined above, the incredible range of web-based slot games means that all types of games and themes are covered, and this means traditional games too. Yes, they are web-based of course, but if you’re missing the fruits, sevens, bars and the simplicity of a classic fruit machine slot, you’ll find many nostalgic games at leading UK online casinos.

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