4 Unique Holidays You Should Consider Taking in The Future

In the times of Coronavirus, the only holidays people are taking are staycations and virtual safaris from the comfort of their couches! But this gives you plenty of time to start seeking ideas for your next holiday.

A trip to Thailand? A weekend at the coast? Backpacking around Europe? These are ideas that have been played out over and over again. While awesome in their own ways, we’re thinking a little outside of the box for this article. Holidays like those involving castles, casinos, water parks and islands!

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An Island Hopping Holiday

If you’ve managed to save up some coin by not leaving the house, island hopping should be at the top of your holiday list. Whether you take it international or take advantage of the numerous islands that are closer to home is up to you. You may be surprised to discover that there are a number of islands near South Africa. Why not pay some of them a visit?

A Casino Cruise

Those who like to try their luck will love this next unique holiday idea. How does a casino cruise sound to you? This is much like a regular cruise with the notable addition of a fully-fledged casino aboard! Sail the seas and pass the time in one of the most fun ways possible. Why not gear up for your trip by testing out some of the best online casinos Canada and many European countries have to offer?

A Castle Holiday

Whether you’re a history-buff or a fairy tale freak, a castle holiday offers something for everyone. Be blown away by turrets and spires & get lost in the architecture of the olden days. If you’ve had a hankering to go overseas, this holiday will take you there. A castle holiday will take you to places like England, Scotland, France, Italy, Poland, Germany or Wales. And if you feel more like STAYING in a castle rather than merely visiting one, that’s an option too.

A Waterpark Holiday

Looking to let loose? Not afraid of a bit of water? Then a waterpark holiday could be just what the doctor ordered. Death slides, tube shoots, wave pools, raging rapids and lazy river rides are the order of the day on a waterpark holiday.

While there are a handful of wonderful South African waterparks, we reckon taking this holiday idea to international waters is a better idea. Tenerife’s Siam Park, Majorca’s Aqualand El Arenal and the Florida Bay Water Park all come to mind.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: four unique holiday ideas that you should consider taking in the future. Even if traveling for leisure isn’t in your near future, hopefully we’ve given you enough daydream material to make it through the next couple of weeks.

So. where will you be spending your next holiday? Are you an island-hopping kind of girl or a waterpark kind of guy? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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