Holiday Travel Tips for Lake Tahoe

One of the United States’s favorite lakes, Lake Tahoe, is a popular retreat for domestic and international tourists. Located along the Nevada and California border, thousands visit each year. Some have their summer vacation to enjoy the views and hiking while others come in the winter for skiing and snowboarding. Spring sees the rebirth of trees and plants while an orange-brown blanket covers the surrounding forests during fall. Regardless of the time of the year, there are several Lake Tahoe cabins available to give all tourists a comfortable place to stay. If this is your first time, check out these essential travel tips to help you get the most out of your vacation.

Explore the Lake

While it can be tempting to stay in one location, Lake Tahoe offers a variety of activities and places to visit. If you travel when the weather is pleasant, drive along the lakeside roads and go to some of the smaller towns. From charming all-but-forgotten villages to the historic railway town of Truckee, exploring the region is sure to entice out your adventurous side. Remember to bring the camera and to snap a few images of a part of the world that has changed very little in decades. A lot of these views are free and can save you money on your vacation as well. 

Don’t Neglect the Water Sports

Because of its location, Lake Tahoe is blessed with lots of sunny days. In fact, according to locals, three out of every four are sunny. This makes it a prime spot in the summer to get out onto the water. Tourists can take part in a range of activities including kayaking, canoeing and jet skiing on the lake itself. But before you set your mind on jet skiing over Lake Tahoe, make sure you check the prices and availability online beforehand to avoid disappointment on the day.

Know Which Part of Lake Tahoe Suits You

Lake Tahoe spans over two states: California and Nevada. Both are very different giving each side a different vibe and atmosphere. Locals and some domestic tourists know this, but those travelling from overseas probably won’t. If you want to relax in pristine wilderness in a log cabin or go for long hikes, stick to the Californian side. But, those looking for a more active and 24/7 lifestyle can head to the casinos in Nevada. Some visitors stick to one while others travel around and experience the best of both.

Embrace the Nature

Regardless of the time of the year you’re planning to visit Lake Tahoe, the views and landscapes are certain to take your breath away. Picture the surface shimmering under the summer sunshine with thick green forests surrounding the water. Or imagine the entire region covered in white during winter. The natural beauty of Lake Tahoe is off the scale and among the best in the whole of the United States. For this reason, anyone with a love for nature and the outdoors should make the most of it. Head along one of the many trails and spend a day hiking. Or why not bring the family and have a picnic overlooking the lake on a warm summer evening? Those who do rarely regret it.

Getting Around Can Be Challenging

As an international or out of state visitor, getting to Lake Tahoe is relatively straightforward. Regular buses connect from major cities in both California and Nevada. But the difficulties start to arise upon arrival if you don’t have your own set of wheels. Very few cabs operate in the smaller towns surrounding the lake and getting from one place to the next is no easy task. Public buses also have irregular schedules, and it’s unwise to rely on them. If you can drive, get a car. Not only will it make exploring Lake Tahoe easier but a vehicle gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility.

Don’t Rent a Car During Winter

Renting a car and driving to or around Lake Tahoe between April and November rarely causes problems. But from December onwards, the harsh winters often bring heavy snow that doesn’t thaw until March. Snowy and icy conditions are perfect for skiers and snowboarders, but not for someone attempting to drive along narrow streets. Unless you have experience driving in winter conditions, don’t take the risk at Lake Tahoe.

Don’t Just Visit Once

If you live near the area, having short breaks or a staycation to Lake Tahoe at any time of the year is a possibility. Each season brings a different experience. If you came last year in the summer, why not visit this in spring or fall this year? The contrast in the weather creates an entirely different landscape and environment. Or why not learn how to ski and enjoy the winter wonderland in January?

Have a Fishing Holiday

Wherever there’s water, there’s usually fish. And Lake Tahoe has a reputation for great fishing when the weather is warm. Not only can you enjoy your favorite sport but you’ll also have a relaxing experience while savoring the incredible scenery. If you like fishing, it’s difficult to find a more suitable spot in the southern United States. Remember to pack the fishing gear and a few cold beers as you sit outside in the warm summer air. 

Things to Remember

Lake Tahoe is as varied and diverse as it is beautiful. Take the opportunities to explore the smaller towns and villages around the edge and try to rent a car to make getting around more convenient. Be sure to take part in the water sports, fishing and visit in different seasons for a different experience too.

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