How To Increase Bathroom Security

If you have a senior in your family that you love, it is important to think about his/her safety before accidents happen. A bathroom can be quite dangerous for people that have low mobility. You need to make it safe. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as you might think.

If you want to make the bathroom more secure for an elderly person or someone that has mobility problems, specialists at recommend the following.

Remove Floor Clutter

You cannot have high bathroom safety when walking space is not clear. Based on the individual living situation, this can be quite simple. However, if inside the home you have both seniors and youngsters, it can be a little complicated since you are not used to clearing bathroom floor space. You should not make this mistake.

Remove all cords, toys and basically all clutter from the ground. Beauty devices have to be stored in drawers and you have to get used to doing this every single day.

Grab Bars

If a person is capable to take care of himself but some extra support is needed, the grab bars are a great addition to the bathroom. They can be attached to walls close to showers, tubs and toilets. The person that uses them has higher balance. At the same time, more peace of mind appears for the people that live alone.

You can choose grab bars in various different styles and designs. This allows you to easily customize décor.

Nonslip Maths

Most bathroom accidents happen because of falling. This is why nonslip mats are really good. They can be added on floors, inside showers and even inside bathtubs.

When you take a bath, you will get wet. This increases the possibility of slipping and falling. Water-resistant, non-slip mats will drastically reduce the chance of being injured.

Rug Grips

Many bathrooms have mats so extra standing water is soaked up. The problem is that these are a huge tripping hazard. You can add rug grips to accent rugs and almost all bath mats. These can easily be trimmed so that they fit the size of the rug you have. You can even buy them online if you do not want to go to a store.

Power Bath Lifts

The power bath lift is simply wonderful at preventing falls inside showers. They are perfect for those that suffer from physical or movement disabilities. Usually, the lifts are portable and very easy to assemble. You do not need to go through a thorough bathroom renovation project.

The device looks like a chair and easily fits inside the bath’s tub portion. Users can then rest on the chair and wash without a fear that they are going to fall.

Final Thoughts

As you can imagine, the solutions mentioned above are not suitable for absolutely all bathrooms and users. You need to take into account the personal needs of the person that will use the room so that you can make really good choices. If you do not have any idea how to make a correct choice, simply talk to a professional that can give you assistance.


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