Coolest Shooting Ranges In The United States

If you’re a firearm enthusiast, you likely enjoy the times when you actually get to fire your weapons. You can’t just go around shooting your guns any old place, though, and finding a cool firing range is always a treat.

Plan your vacation around firing range hotspots this year, and make your time enjoyable. Here is a quick look at some of the nation’s most esteemed shooting ranges. Choose your favorite, and add some spice to your vacation adventures.

Colonial Shooting Academy

The Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond, Virginia receives high ratings from firearm enthusiasts, because the location caters to the training needs of law enforcement.

The Colonial Shooting Academy is unique, and allows a little extra freedom for visitors. This place has a live-fire shooting area that places you in real-life situations. There’s also a nighttime training course to explore.

Machine Gun Vegas

It’s worth taking the time to properly prepare for a trip to Machine Gun Vegas. You may even want to purchase a new firearm for this excursion.

Machine Gun Vegas offers some fun firing opportunities with a Zombie Survival Package. You also get the chance to use an MP5 suppressed or a sniper rifle to knock off the intruders.

Lock and Load Miami

Lock and Load Miami has some of the highest ratings in the nation, and the customer service is excellent to match. You won’t find a bad rating for this place online, and visiting will quickly show you why.

You can bring your own weapons to this firing range, or you can pick from a range of cool guns to shoot. The MP5, a Desert Eagle, and an AK47 are among the list of choices for qualified patrons.

Knob Creek Gun Range

If you choose to travel to West Point, Kentucky, you can pretty much have your pick of what to shoot. Of course, the list excludes people and other living things, but you can shoot up an old car with no problem.

The relaxed environment is what brings much of the foot traffic seen by this shooting range. Cool side note: Knob Creek Gun Range was once used for a military munitions testing site. Channel your inner soldier as you immerse yourself in the vibe of Knob Creek.

Top Gun Shooting Sports

Top Gun Shooting Sports is no ordinary firing range. The place has a wide range of things to purchase during your visit, but it also has a sweet 3-D indoor archery range.

You don’t have to be shooting a firearm to get better with your aim. Take up primitive arms, and see where your skills will lead. Don’t miss out on Top Gun Shooting Sports in Arnold, Missouri.

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