4 Popular Call Center Benchmarks – How Does F.H. Cann & Associates Stack Up?

When you’re looking to work with a call center provider, you want to make sure you’re choosing one that will work best with your business and deliver on its promises. And it makes sense why.

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Call center providers need to understand and respect the inner workings of your organization and handle the most valuable asset in your arsenal: your customers. So, whether you’re an organization big or small, you need to make sure you pick a call center provider that ticks all the boxes.

That’s why I wanted to do a deep dive into F.H. Cann & Associates. This company is not only one of the top providers of call center solutions around the country, but they also offer account receivables management, and other outsourced customer service solutions.

Here are five popular call center benchmarks, and an analysis of how F.H. Cann & Associates stacks up against them.

Average Abandonment Rate

This is a very common Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, for call centers. This refers to the average number of calls that were disconnected before the customer spoke to an actual call center employee, and it’s important because we know that if a customer is frustrated that they can’t speak to a person, they’re very likely to hang up.

The team behind F.H. Cann & Associates is made up of true call center professionals, and make sure that it’s easy to access a human on the other line. Not only that, but F. H. Cann & Associates has experience working with customers in a wide range of industries, which means they understand the nuances and special needs of a wide variety of customers.

First-call resolution rate

This is another popular call center benchmark, which refers to the number of callers who have their problems resolved immediately. F.H. Cann & Associates has 20 years of experience providing call center solutions for some of the most complex cases in today’s business landscape, meaning they have the infrastructure and experience in place to make sure calls are handled as efficiently and directly as possible.

Average Speed of Answer

This is a great metric to help you identify if individual call center agents are working efficiently. This is a crucial metric for both the call center provider, and the customer company, to know that time and resources are being used at their maximum efficiency.

The call center agents at F.H. Cann & Associates are all highly-trained experts. The company has an excellent retention rate, because agents are highly incentivized to stick around for the long run, meaning that they are top-notch in their field.

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Average Handling Time

This is one of the most essential metrics when looking at call center benchmarks and refers to the amount of time it takes from when a call starts to when the call is finished. You don’t want call center agents to be taking too much time on the calls, but you also want to make sure they’re taking time to carefully resolve issues.

It takes experience, technological infrastructure, and nuanced understanding of call center and industry practices to ensure the average handling time is falling in the right place. The management and agents behind F.H. Cann & Associates are definitely experienced enough to ensure that average handling time is right where it should be.

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