5 Amazing Tourist Spots to See in Kuwait

Kuwait radiates the charm of Arabian adventure, and hence, the travellers and backpackers find myriad of things to do in Kuwait. Apart from relishing spectacular and luxurious accommodation and satisfactory dining, there are myriad of other things too for visitors to do in Kuwait.

It is okay if you live in Mumbai, and you wish to go to Kuwait. It is not a difficult thing to get Mumbai to Kuwait flight. You just think about your trip and your tickets are booked. Certainly, since you live in the financial capital of India Mumbai; who can know better than you the charm of different tourist attractions. In case, you are not convinced to go to Kuwait; then you must check out the following destinations that await you in Kuwait!

  1. The Liberation Tower

This is the tower that represents Kuwaiti liberation that is the sure sign of the country’s renaissance. It might interest you that this tower is one of the tallest telecommunication towers in the entire world. It is three hundred seventy two meters in height and is forty meters taller than the Eiffel Tower. It sounds so cool; just imagine how amazing it would be to experience it physically?

  1. Failaka Island

The gorgeous island just has soldiers as its permanent residents. It is because it was once left devastated by Gulf War. However, the visitors get to experience the ruins from settlements of the Bronze Age Dilmuns and Hellenistic Greeks. These left many treasures from which, their past might be reconstructed.

  1. The Kuwait Towers

You might have heard of them or at least read about these; have you? Well, these are the most popular landmarks of Kuwait. The Kuwait Towers are located on the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman. The highest sphere of the largest tower (187 meters in height), has a rotating observation area and also a restaurant having access to high speed lifts. The middle tower encompasses one million gallons of water. Isn’t it exciting?

  1. National Museum

The Museum includes four buildings and a planetarium. Though, burnt and stripped by the Iraqi invaders, the museum houses the prestigious Al Sabah collection of Islamic Art. It is the most comprehensive collections in the world. You would get to know so much about the collections that people always talk about. To get to experience the prestigious collections would be a great thing.

  1. Science and Natural History Museum

This museum houses displays relating to natural places and history, machinery, petroleum industry, aviation, space and zoology, electronics and made up of a health hall and a planetarium. The museum is situated on the Abdullah Mubarak Street, and it is open both in morning and evening from Saturday to Wednesday. You can have a rich time at this place. It would be both fun and learning.

Thus, you should plan a trip to Kuwait. Don’t worry about your budget because you can easily get Mumbai Kuwait cheap flight tickets. It is always fun and rejuvenation to know about new things, visit distinct places and experience new architectures.


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