How Guardian roofs have transformed conservatories across the UK

In theory, a conservatory is a very fun-to-use, multifunctional space which can be purposed for dining, relaxation and, perhaps, even just watching the world go by… all year round. Except that, well, the “all year round” part of the equation doesn’t always add up in practice.

This is because a conservatory can be unbearably high or low in temperature depending on whether it’s summer or winter. However, rectifying the issue can be easier than you might expect, as it can often be blamed on one thing above all: the conservatory’s roof.

Therefore, by simply upgrading the roof, you can wipe away horrid memories of a conservatory that feels like either an oven or an igloo. What exactly should replace your current roof, however?

What is a Guardian Warm Roof?

You might have heard them colloquially dubbed “Guardian roofs” – but, if you really want to research their functionality and benefits reliably, “Guardian Warm Roof” is the brand name you need to keep in mind. A Guardian roof is intended to replace a glass or polycarbonate roof on a conservatory.

Your conservatory might have originally come with that type of roof, but it could play havoc with that space’s ability to insulate itself effectively. However, a Guardian roof, which aesthetically resembles conventional roofing you may see elsewhere on a property, is very different…

The official Guardian Warm Roof website describes this variety of roof as “a high-performance insulated roof system comprising a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane”.

As a result, the conservatory can be wonderfully thermally efficient, reducing how much warm air enters it during the summer and the amount of heat that escapes in the winter. Therefore, you can save energy otherwise spent on heating the space or running air conditioning.

The truly transformative effect of a Guardian roof

You can probably already imagine how many enjoyable activities you could practically pursue in your conservatory once a Guardian roof has been fitted on it. Imagine being able to enjoy Christmas dinners in that conservatory while admiring the snow-coated lawn outside, or playing a PlayStation 4 game or two with the kids in that space while summer sunshine provides the lighting you need.

Of course, the practical benefits can go much further than this; however, you might not have realised the extent to which a Guardian roof can transform a conservatory aesthetically, too. Let’s assume, for example, that your Guardian roof is installed by Findley Roofing & Building, a company that routinely carries out work in roof repair in Newcastle and further afield in the North East…

When choosing that roof, it would be up to you whether it comes with tiles or slates and what colour is used for them. Therefore, your conservatory can be left looking like a seamless extension of your home, as various photos of Guardian roofs on the Guardian Warm Roof Systems listing on LinkedIn can attest. The roof can also help to increase your home’s value.



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