The Biggest Renovating Mistake That Homeowners Make

The accessibility of instructional articles and how-to videos on the internet often spurs the confidence of the average homeowner to try DIY projects. Attempting small DIY projects like painting a room or building a shelf is a great way to complete tasks and save some spending money, but there are some tasks that shouldn’t be taken on by a beginner. One of the biggest renovating mistakes that homeowners can make is trying to save money by completing difficult and at times dangerous projects on their own.


This big mistake will likely lead to inaccurate measurements, choosing the wrong tools, making spaces too small and ignoring risks towards their own safety. Another issue that many homeowners may be unaware of is that lots of projects require permits to complete renovations — permits are often needed for tasks like roofing, electrical work, plumbing, and installing exterior doors and windows. Neglecting this important aspect of renovations can result in a permit penalty, along with insurance companies not covering any damages, losses or injuries. The final issue with homeowners attempting renovation tasks on their own is that the project is likely to end up with more work — they will inevitably call in experts to fix their errors and finish the original tasks.


When a homeowner hires professionals to complete projects, the entire renovation will go by smoothly. For instance, if an owner wants to have all of their windows removed and replaced with new ones, they will need to hire trained professionals with experience. If the contractors are not familiar with the product they are installing, reliable distributors and manufacturers will often give them additional guidance to complete the project properly. The veteran window and door company Golden Windows offers product specifications, architectural drawings, installation instructions and performance information on their official website. When contractors are given access to professional resources for high quality windows, the homeowner is guaranteed an installation that is finished quickly and sealed efficiently.


When hiring contractors and building professionals, homeowners should take proactive steps to ensure the renovation gets the best results, like:

  • It’s wise to double-check credentials before hiring a contractor by interviewing them, researching them online and requesting references that can be easily contacted. If they have a strong reputation in their field or get positive recommendations from past clients, they will likely be a good fit.
  • It’s important to talk with the contractor about the renovation budget to discuss financial limitations and expectations — it’s also wise to leave room in the budget for any unforeseen issues, setbacks and additional costs.
  • The homeowner should discuss the outlook that they have for their renovation regarding the task-list, deadlines and other important details to make sure that they share the same vision.


Choosing to DIY is a common renovation mistake that homeowners make, even though it puts their home and their physical health at risk. It’s much more sensible to hire trained and certified professionals to do the renovations — this way, the tasks are completed quickly, safely and according to plan.


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