Your quick guide to visiting London on a budget

No matter where you go to in the UK, there is nothing that quite beats the culture of London. It has a special aura that draws in tourists around the globe. Unfortunately, this is why visiting the UK’s capital can get rather expensive. However, there are ways to save money without missing out on some of London’s top attractions. Here is a quick guide to ensure that you stick to your budget whilst visiting London.

Oyster Card

Naturally, if you are going to be travelling around London, you are probably thinking about how much money you actually have to spend on public transport tickets. Well, don’t worry! If you get an oyster card then you don’t need to worry about purchasing individual tickets. Instead, you can top up your card to a certain amount and travel anywhere that you like. Your oyster card will never expire and you can save up to 50% on your travels. Better yet, you don’t even need to waste time at the ticket machine. Instead, you can simply use it as soon as you go on The Tube or a bus.

Free Attractions

From the moment you leave the best Dorsett Hotel, City of London has to offer you, it’s time for you to go and look for some entertainment. Avoid tourist traps that will charge you a ton of money per ticket. Instead, go and look at the free treasures of London, including the Tate Modern, the National Gallery, The British Museum or even the Changing or the Guard. There are a lot of cultural areas in London that do not cost a single penny to visit. Just make sure to do your research before you see them. That way you can ensure that they will align with your interests.

Cheap Musicals

London is famous for its West End! With so many amazing modern musicals coming to the stage, you are probably going to try and get your hands on some tickets. These tickets do not need to be expensive. To stick to your budget, you can either buy your tickets in advance to ensure a discount, or you can visit the TKTS booth in Leicester Square for some cheap, last-minute seats. That way you can ensure that the musical or show you are going to see is a surprise. You may end up enjoying something that you never expected to see before!

Public Transport

Don’t be afraid to hop on and off one of the tourist buses if you are interested in seeing some of the biggest cultural sites in London. These buses can you take you around all of London and give you some great Instagram shots, especially if you are sat on the top of a red double decker. A lot of the buses will allow you to keep using them with daily passes. That way you can plot out your perfect day of sightseeing without fear of getting lost in the city. Most buses even take card, meaning that you don’t even need to pay for your ticket with cash – you can go completely contactless


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