How To Ship A Motorcycle Across Country

If you are relocating and you own a motorbike, then you must be searching for ways to move your motorcycle across the country. Unless you are moving a short distance away, then riding your bike to the new home is not good idea.  Moving a motorcycle cross country is a delicate matter and therefore, you will need to find the best motorcycle transport options. So what is the best way to ship a motorcycle across the country? Well, using professional motorcycle transport services, of course.

Choosing a motorcycle shipping company

The only way to guarantee the success of the entire vehicle shipping process is to choose a motorcycle shipping company that specializes in the transportation of motorcycles. That way, the company will have the required experience, insurance and reputation to help you complete the job quickly and safely.

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The motorcycle shipping company which you have selected will offer you a few options to choose from.

  •  Open trailer

A majority of vehicles are shipped on open air trailers because it is cheaper.  Open trailers are suitable for shorter motorcycle hauls. If you are only moving your motorcycle a short distance like a few hundred miles that can be driven in one day and in one single trip and you would not mind exposing it to elements, then you may be willing to go for this option.

  • Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers have become the standard in motorcycle shipping, meaning that most people choose to have their motorcycles transported inside specialized enclosed trailers for maximum protection.  Motorcycles are smaller than cars and therefore they are more susceptible to damage from bad weather during transport.  Inside an enclosed trailer, your bike will share the space with other motorcycles as well.  Therefore, the shipment price can be shared among several customers. If you are moving long distance and crossing several states, your bike will be on the road for at least several days.  The enclosed trailer method is best to give protection to your bike.

How much will it cost to ship a motorcycle?

The motorcycle shipping cost is calculated on a case-by-case basis. There are several important factors that will affect the price to move a motorcycle across country and they are:-

  • Motorcycle size and weight. The size and weight of your motorbike will affect the shipping cost. Lightweight models usually weigh somewhere between 200 and 300 pounds, while much larger and heavier models such as Harley Davidsons, weigh approximately 500 pounds. Most motorcycle shipping companies charge more for transporting larger and heavier bikes.
  • Distance. The greater the transport distance is, the higher the price will be because greater distances require more fuel and more tear and wear of the transportation vehicle.
  • Pick up and drop off locations. If the motorcycle is picked up and dropped off in an urban area, the cost will be cheaper. Remote locations are usually more expensive to service.


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