How to Avoid Foreign Pests When You Travel

Most of us hate having to deal with creeping and crawling things. While you know the kinds of pests you expect to find in your own home, you can be met with new challenges when you travel to a new place. The types of pests you will come across will depend on where you are going. Common pests include rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, ants, and mosquitoes.

Remember, as you travel, you also leave your home unattended and vulnerable to pests. You can hire pest control services to get rid of pests in your compound before you go. If you reside in Tulsa or anywhere in Oklahoma, the Insect Assassins Pest Control of Tulsa are your best bet. They will eliminate your outdoor bugs through effective methods such as the permanent misting systems and yard sprays which are renewable monthly.

Below are several ways to protect yourself from pests when travelling;

  • Do some research about where you are going

Do some research to find out the kinds of pests you are likely to encounter in the region you are travelling to. Find out the diseases you will be exposed to and any vaccinations you may require. Further, check the health facilities available to you in case you need medical attention. Ask for advice from your doctor on any other kinds of vaccines that will be helpful and other medical supplies you might need to carry.

  • Buy travel and health insurance

It is advisable to buy travel and health insurance to cover you during travel. A bedbug infestation, for example, is usually dangerous and hard to control. It can cause several skin problems such as itching and scarring and loss of your valuable property.

  • Inspect your room as soon as you get there

Examine your room critically when you get there. Do not shrug off weird smells along the hallway and a generally unclean and untidy place. Check for evidence of pest activity. Ensure that the fabrics are fresh and that the management has provided hygiene supplies.

  • Maintain high standards of hygiene

While on travel, you can be tempted to relax and let your guard down when it comes to cleanliness. Remember you need to maintain high standards of cleanness even while on travel because pests thrive on dirt and messiness. Avoid leaving your foods and drinks lying around and dispose of your bins regularly.

  • Protect yourself

If you have ventured into a mosquito-infested area, for example, apply repellant regularly and wear bug spray. Instead of sleeveless tops, shorts and open shoes; cover yourself with long-sleeved clothes, trousers, and boots. Additionally, sleep under a net. Stay indoors at times when the pests are active and close your doors and windows.

Be careful about the foods and drinks you take as well, especially water. Clean your hands before meals and avoid drinking water from unknown sources. You are better off sticking to bottled or boiled water and drinks such as tea and coffee.


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