3 Mistakes Made By Tourists in Paris – And How To Avoid Them

Instead of “what to do in Paris?” the right question is “what can’t be done in Paris?”. See our tips and make a road map that is more special to enjoy the City of Light.

It doesn’t take much effort to understand why Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world.

1. A few days in Paris

Important facts: Of the more than 16 million travelers who have been to Paris for more than a year, more than half booked only for two nights, and considering the splendor of Paris, this time not enough to know the true French capital.

Recommendation is to stay for at least a week – or more. Of course this is not always possible, but when planning your trip to Europe, if the idea is to visit the main capital, for example, arrange to spend as much time as possible in Paris. You will not regret it and you can still find the essence of Paris with a decent breath for this city. Don’t forget the casinos in Paris. They are very interesting! But if you like playing without crowds then trying games available on onlinecasinodeutschland.com.de is an interesting option.

Another tip is to choose cheap hotels in Paris. If you want to stay at least one week in the city, consider living in the most remote area in the tourist center. Because it will stay longer, you don’t need to worry about travel time to fill your road map.

2. Visit Paris in high season

If you can’t plan to stay for at least seven days in Paris, try at least scheduling your trip for off-season days. That’s because, in addition to a short time to visit the main tourist attractions, in staying during the busiest days, you have to face the queue of miles – which will hurt and much on your schedule.

Remember that places like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Disney receive around 12 million visits a year (between places and tourists) and most come to cities between July and August. Then note: the period from April to May and September to October is the best because in those months, the number of visitors drops by half.

3. Don’t think about location

Geographically, Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (the term district is called there). It is categorized from 1 to 20, the first is the best, closest to the museum and main road, while the latter is the furthest from the tourist area. And, as you might guess, hotels in districts 12, 13 and 14, for example, are far cheaper than lodging facilities located in the previous arrondissement.

Because of this, many visitors, without thinking about how big Paris is, always choose cheaper rates. It turns out that in such cases, cheap is expensive, really. When you live in this area, you have to spend more with transportation and the time to get to the main tourist attractions increases too, details that disrupt the lives of every traveler.

There are still some other common mistakes travelers make in Paris but for now, the 3 above are enough.

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