Jacques Poujade Interview – Insights From LendPlus Managing Partner

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With three decades of property financing experience, Jacques Poujade is uniquely positioned to run LendPlus – a property financing and brokerage company that helps people to buy their ideal home. As managing partner, Jacques juggles several tasks – from boosting staff morale to devising and implementing strategies that give customers the best possible mortgage conditions, which is why Jacques Poujade is featured on countless of glowing online articles. We spoke to Jacques recently, to get his thoughts about entrepreneurship, the finance industry and how LendPlus manages to stay ahead of it’s competitors.

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Why did you enter the mortgage lending sector?

During my work as a finance executive, I encountered many people who could not obtain a home loan, because they failed the qualification criteria. Other people had to go to ridiculous lengths, before being considered for a mortgage. This motivated me to create LendPlus, to help borrowers who would be passed over for a good mortgage, so they can have the opportunity to get on the property ladder. LendPlus is not a traditional lending firm. We provide a comprehensive service, featuring education geared towards to different types of clients, along with speedy transactions for people who need to sell their properties quickly.

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You are known to recommend travel for entrepreneurs, why is this?

People who work long days ought to take some time off every now and again. Travelling to different countries is an excellent way to unwind and get a new lease of life. Travelling enabled traits that made me a good as real estate agent. Now that air fares are so low, it is only natural to want to visit some new places for a change of scene.

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What trends in real estate and finance are you excited by at the moment?

The growing use of cryptocurrencies and the way that Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum and other coins are being adopted is something that excites me considerably. It is inevitable that cryptocurrency will be commonplace before too long, the technology behind it is mind blowing. For this reason, LendPlus is one of the first companies of it’s kind to accept payment in cryptocurrency for mortgages. Cryptocurrency is both a good investment and a secure way to conduct financial transactions.

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How does LendPlus contribute to it’s local area?

Over the past three years, we have organized meal provision for homeless people. In California, where we are situated, there’s a big homelessness problem and many people struggle to eat properly. Our aim for this year is to get meals to 5000 rough sleepers, and we have made significant progress towards that objective already. As well as this, we regularly host events in the community to try to improve things as much as possible. Our company has a strong social conscious, because most of our staff were born and raised in the state.

What do you like most about the work in this sector?

The buzz from helping someone to get their own house. Getting on the property ladder is a life ambition for lots of people, so to be part of helping them to fulfill that is immensely gratifying.



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