Get Some Extra Money from Unlikely Places

If you’re short of money, you’re likely scrambling to find ways to raise some. While the usual option is to get some part-time work, you might not have the time to wait for the payment to come in. That is where selling things off can get you the cash you need. Here are some items in your home that can go on the market.


As a college graduate, one of the things that must be taking up space in your home is old textbooks. If they are only a few years old, you can sell them for a decent amount. Remember how much you paid for them and charge half. Desperate college students would be thankful for the discount. Ordinary books can also get a bit of money, especially if you have many of them and they are in good condition.

Musical Instruments

If you tried out the guitar or inherited a piano, you likely have a musical instrument in your home. If it is in decent condition and you aren’t using it, it can be sold for a good amount. Large items like pianos and other heirloom items can get a good price. Guitars and similar items won’t be as expensive, but you can still get decent money.


The reason you might need money is moving. Uprooting your life to move to another home can get expensive. The price can get even higher if you have to transport heavier items. Try and dispose of the heavy items you can replace easily. The furniture fits the bill. Unless they are heirloom pieces, it is always advisable to dispose of old furniture and buy new ones near your new home. The money from the sale can go towards buying new furniture.

Scrap metal

It can be surprising how much scrap metal there can be in a modern household. The main concentration is the kitchen. It can be full of pots and pans you don’t need. Various kitchen appliances are also fully metallic. If they are old and need replacing, then contacting experienced companies like Langley Recycling to get some money for scrap can be a good move. Look in other places of the house, too. Devices that use a lot of copper are a favorite since they sell well. Your garage is also a potential metal source with spare parts and vehicles.

Children’s toys and items

If your children are adults now, you may have a lot of toys and items you can dispose of. Unless you plan to pass them on to your family, selling them to those looking for affordable clothes and toys is a good idea.

Final thoughts

It all comes down to a matter of perspective. If you’re not using something or it will go to the bin anyway, selling it off can be a good way to get some quick cash. The list of items above should help you consider what is possible to sell so you can know your options.

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