6 Things To Consider When Transferring Your Pension

Have you ever thought about transferring your pension? Maybe you just don’t know the benefits and want to find out more. Either way, you can find out everything you need, right here.

Moving to a New Employer

If you are leaving one job for another then you will be treated with a “left the workplace scheme” but you won’t actually lose any of the benefits that you have gained. At this point, you will need to switch your scheme to the one that is being offered by your new workplace. If you are thinking about switching, then you need to do so for financial purposes and not for an emotional reason. You should never switch out of a great pension scheme just because you would much rather cut ties with an old employer. If you want some help then https://tailormadepensions.eu are able to give you the advice you need with that.

Better Performance

Some people want to swap out their pension because they believe that the one that they have right now is not performing very well. They may find that the scheme is poor or even that they are not getting any proper returns. If you know that your scheme is not performing well enough then it is vital that you tread carefully. Ask yourself if you are prepared to invest your pot in a riskier fund so that you can get a much better return. If you are nearing the age of retirement then think very carefully before you make a decision like this. If you are moving abroad, expat pensions are worth looking into.

Lower Charges

Sometimes people transfer their pension because they know that their scheme comes with charges that chip away at their returns. If this is the case with your pension, then you may end up having way less in your retirement and this is the last thing that you want.

Wider Range of Funds

Switching your pension might be an option if you want access to a wider selection of funds than what is being offered right now by your current scheme.

Death Benefits

If you feel like the death benefits that are with your current scheme are not as good as more modern schemes then you may want to transfer your pension to another provider. You might want to put your money into a scheme which allows one of your relatives to inherit the pension when you do die, as opposed to your spouse or dependents. The same concept might apply if you are not married right now, but would want them to have your pension.


People change jobs and if this is the case with you then you might have a number of smaller pensions. It can be hard for you to keep track of everything this way, but if you put everything together then you will soon find that you can manage your pension properly without having to worry about a thing.


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