Transform Your Bedroom into a Hotel Room


It would be an incredible experience to be treated to a weekend stay at one of the most luxurious hotel rooms in town. They have soft and fluffy beds that make you want to stay under the covers all day long. Since staying in a luxurious hotel room can be quite pricey, have you ever thought of transforming your bedroom into one?

If you want to get started, it is best to check out a Tommy Bahama outlet that sells high-quality beds and furniture. You can also be more creative and find ways to transform your bedroom into one of the most luxurious rooms in your house. Here is some essential advice to get you started.


A typical bedroom uses LED lights and natural sunlight for a brighter ambience. Meanwhile, when staying in a hotel room, you will notice that the rooms are usually darker because they use warm lighting. To achieve this look, you can install sconces in each corner of the room. Doing this will give you a cozier look, and it makes the room visually appealing as well.

If you do not want to use sconces, then a hanging lamp will also do the trick. Make sure that the bulbs are not too bright by using a lower wattage.

Side table

The majority of hotels provide their guests with a functional side table where they can keep small items within their reach. If you aim to give your bedroom a hotel room vibe, then you should start looking for one. It would be nice if your side table comes with a couple of drawers so you can easily store some of your daily essentials like your mobile phone, books, magazines, eyeglasses, and so much more.

Soft pillows

Do you ever wonder why many hotels have soft pillows? It is because they only want the best for their guests. You can also do the same thing for your bedroom. Large pillows are perfect to use when you want to relax, sit back and watch a movie. Lastly, make sure to have customized pillowcases to make your bed look comfortable and elegant.


Adding Bluetooth speakers can add a luxurious feel inside your bedroom. You can play your playlist while trying to relax or spend some time alone. Try connecting your speakers to your mobile phone, TV or laptop to maximize their usage. You can stream movies from Netflix and enjoy the superb sound quality coming from your Bluetooth speakers.

Beds sheets

The simplest way to make your bedroom look like a hotel room is by changing your bed sheets. Usually, hotels choose sheets that have a thread count of 300 and up. In most cases, they prefer using satin and percale sheets, but you always have the option to use whatever material is comfortable for your personal use.

Lastly, make sure that your sheets are well ironed, and comforters are well maintained through dry cleaning sessions.

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