Top Smart Cities to Buy a Home in 2021

What could be more exciting than owning a home? Why owning a home in upcoming smart cities! Afraid of securing funding? That is why you have reliable home loan lenders out there. Since it’s a worthwhile investment, you can opt for a home purchase in a smart city. The only question is, “what are the top smart cities for homeownership in 2021?” Read more to find your answers.

  • Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad was chosen as one of the first 20 smart cities in India by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. A number of smart city initiatives are being rigorously implemented in the city, ranging from transit management, city surveillance, e-governance, 24×7 water supply, Integrated Command and Control Centres, digital payments, and more. Above all, increasing land utility in the city is expanding housing opportunities for all.

  • Surat

Surat, as a smart city, is being developed, keeping in consideration three main factors – quality infrastructure, quality living, and enhanced economy. The following are the pan-city projects being carried out in full swing – Surat IT-MAC, Automatic fare collection system, SMAC smart city centre, Connected Surat (FTH), and ERP with GIS system, among others. The state-of-the-art technology being used is indeed heading Surat as one of the futuristic global cities that offer high standards of living along with high levels of security.

  • Bhubaneswar

In terms of city surveillance and road security, Bhubaneswar is the smart city that takes the trophy. The state-of-the-art BOC or Bhubaneswar Operations Centre includes a giant video wall that is over 80 feet tall and which will be used to monitor the CCTV footages from different parts of the city. The BOC is to be further developed to monitor several functions, including traffic management, disaster management, emergency services, surveillance, and waste management. The city is sure to be a smart city, unlike any other!

  • Pune

An obvious candidate, Pune’s Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (PSCDCL), has started out by effectively addressing current challenges such as those revolving around mobility, slum rehabilitation, energy-efficiency, introducing all residents to the benefits of digital technology, and empowering underprivileged youth. The city has always been a coveted residential spot, now, with all these smart moves in place, more so!

  • Jaipur

The most exciting aspect of having Jaipur in the list is how well the city is blending modernity with its rich culture and heritage. The city is witnessing beautification of facades, restoration of heritage buildings the smart way, integrated traffic management system for the safe movement of pedestrians, and intelligent lights. The city houses immense potential for prospective smart city homebuyers.

Want to be a proud homeowner in any one of the smart cities mentioned above? Choose a reliable home loan lender and get going today! It’s an investment you won’t regret making. Compare between lenders for their home loan interest rates and also determine your ideal EMI value by using a useful online tool such as the home loan EMI calculator.

With a little right planning, you can also own a home in these tech-savvy smart cities.


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