How to Organize a House Move by Express Courier

The move home can be scheduled for some time. Or, on the contrary, it can coincide with an unexpected turning point in a person’s life. But on one thing we are sure: for those directly involved it is always a source of great agitation. Moving, in fact, means selecting the objects to take away and organizing the transport of furniture. But it also means “synchronizing” the abandonment of the old dwelling with the entrance into the new dwelling.

With us it is really easy to move to another house, whether in Italy or in Europe without going to a moving company that will probably require more spending as well as a greater expenditure of energy. In most cases, in fact, you will have to load the packages and then, once at destination, take care of the drain. With us, however, you can do everything without stress because the express couriers in charge will take care of the collection and delivery at home. For the perfect parcel to USA from UK this is essential.

Parcels or pallets? How to choose the best shipping service to move

You can decide to move packages or choose the pallet service. It all depends on what you plan to bring with you to your new residence. For example, if you need to send clothes and linen for the home but in limited quantities, you can use the standard service to send a package, or even two or three, which will be the most convenient and convenient. If you need to send appliances such as washing machine, TV, microwave, steam, or send a stroller and all the useful accessories for your baby, we suggest you select the service to send pallets that is a wooden platform on which to lay the aforementioned objects cumbersome and fragile.

Although we can be really useful during a move, there are some items that you cannot ship with us. In particular, it is not possible to send large furniture, sofas, wardrobes, beds. This is because the pallet service has very precise size limits: the size of a pallet to be shipped cannot exceed 80 x 120 cm of base and 200 cm of height, so it is difficult to accept a standard platform that can accommodate furniture that is too bulky. Pallet shipping could instead be the ideal solution in case of small furniture such as chairs, small tables, bedside tables, lamps, vacuum mattresses. Regarding the International courier services this is important.

Attention to correct packaging

We remind you that in any case what you cannot absolutely underestimate is the packaging, even for the pallet service, despite the management of the platforms takes place with different methods because of the large dimensions that involve the use of special tools for loading / unloading and the impossibility to stack them, as is the case for parcels.

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