How to Buy Hunting Camps For Sale

Do you look forward to your hunting vacations every year? Perhaps you go with a group of friends and enjoy the lifestyle of living in the hunting lodge for a few days, making fires, cooking what you catch, and enjoy the days in the wilds, taking in the country air and stalking your prey. Obviously you know that there are hunting camps for sale, but had you thought of buying one yourself? It might sound crazy but actually there are some ways that might make it an appealing purchase, and how you might be able to afford it when perhaps you thought you couldn’t.

Affording Hunting Camps For Sale

First of all speak to your friends that you go hunting with, or other friends and family members who enjoy hunting, if you can all put in some money toward some hunting land the purchase could be a lot more realistic. Of course you’ll need to have a lawyer involved to draw up a contract but you might find that by the time you all add up what you spend on hunting vacations over a few years the land could already be paid for and hey you will own it! Imagine the feeling of hunting your own land, knowing that no one else has access to it.

If your own hunting land you may find as well that it already has a camp on it with small hunting lodges for you to use as accommodation, or perhaps a camp site. If not you may be easily able to get local authority planning permission to build small wooden hunting lodges on the site or perhaps have a temporary trailer or two there.

Another option for funding your hunting land may be to view it as a business opportunity. You may be able to rent out the accommodation or camping site to other hunters, who will also pay you a license fee to hunt the land. Over the hunting seasons you may be able to generate a tidy sum of income from this which will over several years help to pay for the cost of the land. If you can develop a sustainable business with several years of generated income then you may actually increase the value of the land for resale in case you ever wanted to sell it or buy a large piece of hunting land someone else.

Choosing the Best Hunting Land

When picking which piece of hunting land to buy of course one of your main concerns may be whether there are actually animals on the land which can be hunted, and whether there are state permissions for hunting those animals on that land. But also consider which amenities and utilities are available on the land, and what access is like to the land. If you’re going to have to add in roads, or want to connect water and electricity which aren’t already there then the cost of this may actually be more expensive than the land itself.


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