A Guide to Serviced Offices in Auckland

There are so many benefits to be reaped from using serviced offices that it comes as no surprise that they’re growing in popularity around the world. As office rental prices in Auckland are among the top 100 in the world, it’s easy to see why a serviced office would be the smart choice for any business looking to break into the New Zealand marketplace.

When looking for a serviced office in Auckland, choose from 2 premium office locations in the city’s bustling CBD with Servcorp. With unbeatable locations in prime buildings like PwC Tower and the Vero Centre, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better or more convenient location for your business. You can instantly raise your business profile by operating from these upmarket trendy locations.

Read on to find out why serviced offices just make sense for your Auckland endeavours.


The level of flexibility that serviced offices provide is second to none. Not only do you avoid being forced into locked in, long-term leases and contracts required by traditional office spaces but you also have the freedom to move your business to another serviced office location at any time. Your serviced office ‘lease’ is provided on a month to month rolling basis, allowing you the freedom to cancel at any time without issue.

This is extremely advantageous in the teething stages of business as you don’t have to stress out about making rent as well paying as all the other individual overheads that come along with a traditional office space. You can re-evaluate your situation each month and simply upscale as your business grows or, alternatively, downgrade if you need to cut back on costs in a hurry. Complete control is yours.


Serviced office providers take care of all office maintenance issues from utilities to hiring and paying support staff. Maintenance issues and mundane administration tasks like waiting for an internet service provider to come out and upgrade your connection waste a lot of precious company time. With a serviced office, there’ll be a dedicated team of support staff on hand to deal with technical issues so you don’t have to.

Pay as You Use Facilities

The facilities offered by serviced offices include state of the art 5-star office fitouts with boardrooms and conferencing facilities at your disposal. Access to all of these amenities for one convenient fee really makes serviced offices a worthwhile consideration. You’ll also be able to avail of telephone answering and postal services should these be of use to your business model.

One of the best things about serviced offices is the pay as you need or use options. If you only need to use a meeting room once a month, you can tailor your package to reflect this. You’re not forced to pay for that service all month, so you can cut out unnecessary costs.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

An inadvertent although important advantage of serviced offices is that they reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Because multiple businesses are essentially sharing the same space and pooling resources there’s less waste of resources like water and electricity. If being green is something that’s important to the ethos of your business then this will be a welcome added bonus to utilise a serviced office.

Are Serviced Offices the Way Forward?

Serviced offices are a more than worthy choice for so many businesses. They dramatically cut down on costs and enable you to acquire office space in prestigious locations at a fraction of the cost that signing up for permanent premises would. At the same time, they allow unparalleled flexibility while also being good for the environment.

Why holding you back from looking into what a serviced office in Auckland can do to help you grow your business?

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