Some Tasty Cake Variants You Can’t Resist Eating


Cakes don’t fail to impress anyone. There is always one or the other variety of cake that wins a person’s heart and taste buds. The fluffy and delicious cake is an ideal dessert option for festivities and celebrations. Today you’ll find a myriad of cakes available in different shapes and sizes. Bakers use different ingredients like fruits, spices, creams, edible flowers, cupcake sprinkles, etc., to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. You can choose them as per your eating habits, choices, and events.

Let’s check out some of the best types of cake that you can’t ignore trying.

Mousse cake

When you plan to have a candle-lit dinner with your better half, Mousse cake is your ideal option. The lightly textured and melt-in-the-mouth variant will satiate your sweet tooth. The secret of this cake is – it may or may not have a bottom crust! Hence, it’s also known as unbaked caked.

Chiffon cake

Discovered by an American salesman, it is a combination of a sponge and an oil cake. The classic chiffon is made of vegetable oil and baking powder. The highlight of the cake is thoroughly folding beaten egg whites into the batter. Finally, there’s a layering of different frostings and fillings. As a result, you get a tender crumb, lightly textured, and richly flavored cake.

Fruit Cake

It’s Christmas or tea party with your buddies; a classic fruit cake is your match. The palatable cake is loaded with candied or dried fruits, nuts, or spices. A dash of spirit is given to add the final flavoring. Relishing chewy nuts while having a cup of tea with guests is really worth it.


Cheesecake is another unbaked form of a cake with a base prepared of crumbled cookies. The thick luscious soft cream cheese, sugar, and eggs are used to make the topping of the cake. It is available in various flavors. If you love rich and creamy desserts, this one is your ideal pick.

Upside Down Cake

The unique cake, baked by layering fruit toppings on the bottom of the batter. Hence, it got the name. The classic variant includes pineapple slices. Nowadays, other fruits like peaches, plums, pears, and blueberries are also used in it. While serving the scrumptious treat, it is turned over with fruits facing up.

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird cake or Doctor Bird cake is a Jamaican invention. Those who want a spicy zing in their cake can try this one. It’s a classic southern oil cake seasoned with warm spices, pecans, banana, and pineapple. Dollops of tangy cream cheese frosting are layered over to complete the final look and taste.


The advantage of cupcakes is their versatility. One can bake them in any flavor or color. The eye-pleasing cake is decked with rich, tasty icing, patterns, candies, and cupcake sprinkles. Since they are miniature cups, they are perfect to have a small portion of the cakes.


These oh-so-yum cakes are the must-try variants. You can order them on different occasions or just as your usual dinner table dessert.


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