Eat Like a Local with These Foods in Chicago!

Today, Chicago holds the spot of being the third-largest city in the U.S. Chicago is a melting pot of various cultures. The metro area is home to strong and vibrant immigrant communities which have not only shaped the neighborhoods but have merged the food scene with many traditional eats from different cultural staples. There are so many thriving, different cuisines here, and you’d find them in places like Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago. There are plenty of local items that you can explore here:

  1. First things first, enjoy the deep-dish pizza

    A proper pie or simply a massive slice, all you need to do is pick the right option in whichever pizza front you like. The coal charred Neapolitan is a common favorite amongst locals here. But, to be honest, nothing matches up to Chicago’s love for deep dish pizzas. Who can denounce a deep, sturdy dish which is buttery in every bite? Enjoy this dough layered with cheese and try the Italian sausage patty too!

  2. Also, enjoy the Italian Beef

    Okay, so we understand that deep dish pizza took all your Chicago local appetite away. But there is one more dish which is a star here. Al Ferraro once came up with an idea of an Italian Beef Sandwich. This historic moment took place in 1938, wherein due to the Great Depression, people had to come up with ideas of creating more with less. Today, you will find Al’s Italian Beef as one of the most popular things there is in the whole city of Chicago. Head over to any of the eight states and enjoy this exquisite meat to the fullest.

  3. Chicago Style Hot Dog is another amazing option!

    Okay, we got done with the common local options. Now, we come to the King of them all- the Chicago style hot dog. It has quite a complex history. These dogs are stuffed inside a soft poppy bun before they are topped with some bright green relish and yellow mustard. Enjoy the chopped onions topping and you are good to go! This was also born during the Great Depression where hot dogs became the ultimate affordable option.

  4. Enjoy all the Tamales

    Last but not the least, enjoy some tamales. Which have been present throughout history. Although they did not originate in Chicago, the city houses many Tamale Shops today.

All that fancy food

In our experience, one of the fanciest dining options we have had is in the Congress Lounge at Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago. Enjoy local scrumptious bar bites with some amazing beverages to accompany it all!

We highly recommend you visit Hyatt Regency Mc Cornick or go to the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago to enjoy a scrumptious fancy meal. At the same time, the local foods of Chicago have a completely different taste palette to satiate. Do enjoy what this lovely city has to offer to you!


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