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Australia is looked upon as the smallest continents and one of the largest countries on earth. You can find this continent between the Indian and the Pacific oceans located in the Southern Hemisphere. The capital of Australia is Canberra that is located in the southeast region and between one of the most important economic and cultural centers of Sydney and Melbourne which are the biggest hub of tourism and culture in Australia. The country had been part of the British Empire and got its independence from the British Crown in the year 1901. The population of the country is around 25,647,000 with an area of around 7,692,024 sq. km.

The cultural history of Australia dates back to the late 1780s with an influence of Anglo-Celtic Western culture and other indigenous influences. Australia is also influenced by American culture and many Asian countries as well. Many Indigenous Australian groups used to have a simple hunter-gatherer style diet from the fauna and flora available throughout the nation. You can find different food and beverage items like the Chinese dim sim and Chiko Roll, the Australian wine that can be found in many cooler regions of Australia, coffee that originated somewhere in the 80s in Australia. You can find some amazing facts about some great Australian cuisine and dishes using Spectrum channels including Discovery, Nat Geo and many other programs that can tell you about Australia and some Australian cuisine as well. Here are a few places that you should visit when you are visiting Australia.

Thai Pothong

You can find the restaurant in the Newtown district of Sydney and has a 20-year-old history when it comes to serving the people with the most authentic, impeccable and amazing Thai cuisine in Australia. The place is famous for its frequent promos and being an ideal place for birthdays and other celebrations among the people. You can feel the culture and taste of Thai food in the ambiance offered by the place. You can also find a takeaway shop called Thai Ways at the Newtown train station and a branch of Thai Pothong in Marrickville.

Location: U 4 294 King St, Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales 2042 Australia

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant

The place is located in one of the most ideal spots that will help you enjoy your food and some cool and relaxing environment overlooking the Brisbane River and the glorious Story Bridge. The place is perfect for meetings, corporate and family events and other social gatherings. You can find different cuisines for breakfast, dinner, special occasions and a wide range of wine that is part of their menu for social gatherings. To celebrate your next event at George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant all you need to do is let them know by filling out a form available on their website and leave the rest to them.

Location: Level 1 Eagle Street Pier 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland Q 4000 Australia

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Cafe Sydney

If you want to enjoy the true meaning of being in Australia, Cafe Sydney might be the place that can help you enjoy the amazing environment located on the rooftop of Customs House. Things you can enjoy at Cafe Sydney include the picturesque scenes of the harbor, the super cool and delicious food that is serviced at an outdoor terrace, their cocktail lounge and an ambiance and interior that is meant to provide you the relaxation that you need. The place is one of the most reputed restaurants and dining places with a 20-year-old history of serving Australia with many traditional cuisines including some seafood specialties like Coffin Bay Octopus, Humpty Doo Barramundi, Morton Bay Bugs the Rock and Pacific Oysters and so much more.

Location: 5th Floor, Customs House 31 Alfred Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Aria Restaurant Sydney

The place is amazing for people who want to enjoy famous places where you can consume traditional Australian food and at the same time take in the sights of Australia. Aria Restaurant Sydney is one of the finest restaurants that brings you ome of the best seasonal produces and an awesome selection of stunning wine. If you are a creative individual, you can enjoy the art-filled space and relax while you eat your dinner, lunch, or breakfast at Aria.

Location: 1 Macquarie St East Circular Quay, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Final Words

Australia is not only famous for its amazing sights or the architecture, but it is also more famous for preserving its culture and heritage for the upcoming generations. You can keep in mind the precautionary measures regarding COVID-19 and enjoy your favorite Australian cuisine and the traditional food offered at the upcoming places.

I will suggest that you check out some amazing seafood at George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant. But make sure that you wear your masks and gloves every time you get out for a bite or grab some wine and make sure to practice Social Distancing while enjoying your favorite food.

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