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Windows maximizer is a good and efficient tool for taking care of your windows resizing needs. With the aim of especially targeting windows resizing needs in mind, this software is made only to tackle these problems so users don’t face any issues. It’s good enough software in itself but people have different choices. If you for some reason don’t like this software or want to try other things in the market too, then there is plenty of other software which can do the same thing this software does. Some come with more functionalities and features which can please different users according to their likings.

Let’s see some different alternative apps and software which perform the same duty as this software does and offer some more functionalities. Now, let’s see some familiar software and also have a look at what’s important in them.


Ghoster is another software similar to the windows maximizer. The great thing about Ghoster is that it’s highly customizable and configurable. You can make it work to your liking. Its special feature is that it dims the colors of all the windows except the ones which are currently being used. This makes up for good user experience while setting up a transparent image across the screen.


Once given instructions to this software, it automatically sizes the program windows for you. You can choose to keep windows maximized to full screen or according to screen sizes of your liking. It supports the most popular software on the windows and one great thing about this software is that it supports multi-monitors and multi-windows. Meaning you can multitask and this software won’t have any issues maintaining the perfect windows sizes.


Another excellent software like the two other software stated above. It is a window manager app that lets it help you define different hotkeys for different assignments according to your choices and resizes the positions of windows on your desktop. It works best if you need to assign custom key layouts and it can help you achieve it with minimum effort on your part.


This one lets you define zones when windows are dragged and dropped on them. It works pretty fast with only an interval of 0.5 seconds. As soon as you pick up a window it instantly gets resized and reshaped according to your liking. It also has a feature where you can double click a tray icon to resize the window quickly.


Another great application that allows the currently active window you are working on to stay on top of other windows so you can peacefully work on your required window. It gives you accessibility to align your current window with all the 9 different positions on the desktop where windows can be aligned. It also features you to change the transparency of the current window according to how you like it to be. It also gives you the ability to put the window on the system tray and furthermore sets the priority for windows as you require them to be.


It will help you move, minimize, maximize, recenter, restore, disable, bottom, always on top, transparent or transparent color, center, relative move to another window, clip or run a program. With all of these features in its arsenal this program gives you the ultimate windows resizing abilities. You can use it as however you please it to and it works great with all current versions of windows.


In this software, instead of using your mouse you can use your keyboard for faster instructions and faster delivery of your commands. Works well on all latest operating systems and is light so doesn’t interfere with other running programs. Its efficient working makes your job a lot easier.


This software is also another great tool to use like all the other software that is described above. You can use this tool to resize your window as you like and it comes with another great feature. The feature is that it lets you view any windows that are hidden from sight. You can use to effectively control sizing while maintaining an eye on close windows, both at the same time.


This one is specially designed for Apple operating systems and it works by double pressing and then holding your designated key for activation of this software. It is designed to use with your trackpad and alongside your command keys to reshape or resize your windows as to how you like them to be. Offering good features for iOS users this software is best for resizing on Macbooks.


Instead of removing the borders and making the application totally adjusted on-screen this one allows you to keep the borders of your application while it’s also on fullscreen to give you the look you desire. It can help you instantly connect your application edge to edge with your monitor’s screen without any gaps that have to be tediously manually managed. Works well with all the latest operating systems.


Mainly working with keyboard shortcuts for effective and quick delivery of commands this is specially designed for OSX and works well and promptly to resize or reshape any window size problems you might be facing. A complete rewrite of the original shift software, it allows more features and better usage.


Moveinactivewin allows you to move your windows that are not active without making them active as most windows become active as you move or touch them with your pointer. It works best when you don’t want your pc to become overly useful of resources when there are multiple tasks going on. You can simply move inactive apps around with this helpful utility software.


Last but not least this software is also another great alternative for windows maximizer. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to combine different types of hotkeys, either from keyboard or mouse or you can use combinations of both. With its effective management system, it can help you carry out several predefined actions with clicks of a few buttons, without you having to undergo any tedious tasks, making your life easier so you can work effectively.

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