Types of freelance Art Jobs You Should Know About

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Many artists dream of having a successful career in freelancing as they get to experiment with their skills without any restrictions. As a freelance artist, you get to follow your passion and create a life where you can earn money from your skills. But to work as a freelancer, you have to deal with many things. It can become even more challenging if you aren’t sure of what type of artist you are or which niche you fall into.

Do you know how many different types of freelance art jobs are there in the market? If you consider the term ‘freelance artist,’ it covers all forms of artistic works such as illustration, photography, calligraphy, animation, painting, graphic design, and many more. At certain times, the job can be challenging and scary, but it will be fulfilling as you will be your own boss. So if you are an aspiring artist, then here are different types of freelance art jobs that you should know about. Maybe you could fit yourself in one of them and start your freelancing business with your skills.

Freelance Painter:

A freelance painter is most often referred to as a freelance artist. In this profession, you would make your own artwork and then market it to prospective clients. The painters essentially work on their ideas and create new masterpieces, unlike the commissioned work, which works with a set criterion like size, deadline, price, etc.

If you want to find work as a freelance artist, you will have to wait for several months and keep a lot of patience. Besides, you will have to establish yourself in a particular niche such as oils, murals, acrylics, etc., and have a strong strategy for marketing your skills. For freelance artists, word-of-mouth is usually powerful for getting new clients. So make sure your work has that much potential and is in demand by the audience.


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A freelance calligrapher is known to turn written words into captivating and catchy messages that tell a visual story. You will find many freelance calligraphers successfully living their business life through this art form. Calligraphy is often created with a combination of artistic talent and the knowledge of graphic design.

If you want to become a freelance calligrapher, you will have to take many responsibilities like branding, creating graphic marketing materials, promoting, and many such things. If you are a student and thinking of starting your freelancing gig, then don’t worry, as you will find many platforms to work on your skills. Dormzi offers freelance art jobs for students, so you can check their platform and register yourself to find potential clients.

Graphic Designer:

The freelance graphic designer has become one of the most popular freelance art jobs in the market. There are many opportunities for this career choice, such as creating web designs, brand logos, page templates, advertising materials, etc. This means that you will never run out of job opportunities in this field. Many creative minds aspire to become a freelance graphic designer not only because it pays well but also because it is creative and an independent job to do online.

You can easily find work in this career field through online platforms like websites, forums, and social media platforms. Moreover, companies and small businesses would eagerly be waiting to hire you if you have some unique creativity in your work.


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A freelance animator has to create films and sketches for private brands, companies, and businesses to represent a product line or a story. You might have seen the cartoons or animated characters on the television that entertains everyone. Such is the talent of an animator that brings out the fun element of any person and puts the story in an entertaining way.

As a freelance animator, you would have to work hard initially to find big clients, but you can attract them with a catchy portfolio and showcasing your artwork. Some of the clients would notice your work and likely keep you on their list for future work. You can use social media for marketing your skills as it becomes easier to attract highly interactive people through such platforms.

Art Director:

A freelance art director has to supervise art programs and projects, right from concept to projection. With this career, you can work in diverse industries such as fashion, film, music, hospitality, and many more. You can work on advertising campaigns, media production, graphic design, etc. Your major responsibility as an art director would be to turn an artistic idea into a palpable vision.

To work as a freelance art director, you would require at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a few years of experience working in this field. It would help you create an impression on the clients as they would trust you on the basis of your education and work.


There are many more categories in freelance art jobs, but these are the top ones that you can start with if you have the relevant skills.

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