Types Of ATMs

If you’ve decided to incorporate an ATM into your business, you may have already begun researching what type of ATM to purchase. This can be a little overwhelming as there are a lot of differing opinions on what type of machine is best. You’ll need to sift through a sea of information to determine which machine will work best in your business.

Before purchasing, you must ask yourself some questions. Why have you decided to purchase an ATM in the first place?

Is it to generate extra income for your business or to provide an extra convenience for your customers? What type of establishment is your business? Is it an upscale hotel or boutique catering to wealthy clientele or a convenience store in a seedier part of town?

Factors like these will help you decide what type of ATM to purchase and how much money you should spend on one.

Freestanding ATMs

Freestanding ATMs are typically anchored to the ground for safety but are not attached to the wall they are up against or the side of a building. These types of machines are great for convenience stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, or any other type of business where customers might need to use cash. Freestanding ATMs do not accept any deposits.

Built-In ATMs

Unlike freestanding ATMs, built-in ATMs attach to or are built into a wall or the side of a building (if located outdoors). These machines have more advanced security features, many of which are probably not necessary for most small businesses. However, if your ATM will be located in an upscale location, these types of features may be appreciated by your customers.

ATM Software

Once you’ve decided if your new ATM will be freestanding or built-in, you must decide on what type of software it will use. The software will determine the way the machine will function. There are all different price-points, but typically the software with the most security features will be the most expensive. As mentioned, this may not always be necessary depending on the type of business yours is and the reasons you have decided to install an ATM.

Knowing your clientele can help you make a good decision when it comes to the software your machine will use. Freestanding ATMs usually have more basic software that is simple to use, but this user-friendly software can also make audits much more complicated.


Which type of ATM you decide to purchase may not be an easy decision, but it is an important one. This is a big purchase that will benefit your business for years to come. When purchasing, make sure to ask questions, keep track of the pros and cons, and remember your business’s best interests.

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