Slim Startups and Specialist Advice

The startup is one of the most popular forms a new business can take in the UK. It’s as much a cultural definition as a dictionary one – all businesses are startups when they’ve just started up, but the ones that are setting the economy alight, where the potential for big gains lives are the classical startups: often founder funded, at least initially, single issue companies – those with a single core product or service they’re developing to bring to market. Often in the tech field, the limited investment opportunities and potential for huge results creates an air of exclusivity and competition – everyone wants in on the ground floor of the next Netflix or Uber.

If you’re running one of these startups, you could easily find yourself overstretched – one of the key markers of a modern startup is a lean team and a focus on fast and sudden growth. This can leave you facing complex decisions and scenarios beyond the specialism in your product and industry that propelled you into the startup scene.

Fortunately, there’s lots of specialist advice available for you to help you chart your course, and aim confidently for success!

Strategy Planning

It’s important you don’t get too consumed by short term decision making and lose sight of your future plans. It’s even more important that you don’t neglect to make those future plans altogether – you need to know where you’re aiming if you’re going to get there.

Fortunately, strategy consulting is an emerging field that exists to help you in exactly this field, helping you identify not just the right future for your startup, but also the strategies and opportunities that let you build towards it safely. If you’re interested in a business strategy consultant, London has lots of different choices to fit your needs and budget.

Legal Advice

When you’re putting a business together, it’s important that you get the right legal advice. You need to make sure your articles of association and everything else in the foundation laying stage is in fact laying the foundations for the business you want to grow into.

A good lawyer can help ensure you avoid pitfalls in this very early stage – and lawyers are easier to access than ever. If your time and budget are limited, online legal advice can get you the expertise you need quickly and reasonably!

Finance Advice

What’s the right kind of investment? When? Do you need to staff up – and how will that impact your tax bill? These are all vital questions for your business, and one you need to be a financial expert to answer. Fortunately, business finance advisors are another kind of consultant you can access to get a share of that knowledge without becoming a whole extra kind of expert.

Talk with friends in the business community and find the right kind of finance for your business and your industry – a personal recommendation can go a long way for this kind of service and leave you feeling confident you’re getting advice you can trust.


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