Run a business? How you can reduce its printing costs

Nowadays, if you are running a business, you may be wondering how you can adapt it to suit life during and post-pandemic. The business world has changed and you need to be able to move with it to ensure that you are still making a profit. To do this, you may need to consider the small details of your company. For instance, how much do you really need to spend on printing? If you want to be eco friendly and work towards a safer and less wasteful environment, you should be considering reducing the amount of printing you actually do to help with your publicity. Here is what you should be thinking about.

Print what is necessary

When people first open a business, they tend to have large ideas that mean they have to print off as many flyers, posters and business cards as possible to bring to potential investors. They may even go to professional printing services, like Duplo International, to acquire professional printing gear. Having decided on the right level of gear for your business, instead of trying to print off as many things as possible, list only the essentials and print them off. This includes your work handbook, business cards and product casings. You may also want to consider the amount you are printing per month. This will depend on the number of customers you have.

Focus on electronic marketing

Nowadays, the world of marketing is focused on social media. You can create a wider audience by posting the right content. So, instead of focusing on printing, why not turn your attention to making the perfect social media post? You need to think of interactive content that can grab your customers’ attention. This includes videos, infographics and quizzes. Think outside the box and focus on online content. That way you can reduce the amount you are printing.

Small items, large paper

If you think about what you are going to print, you may find that a lot of the items end up being quite repetitious. How many times have you had to print out business cards or flyers? Probably too many. Instead of wasting paper, why not literally “small” down the products you make? If you have business cards then make sure they fit entirely on one page of card. You could also make miniature flyers that can put all of your essential information on the page. This can help you prioritize what you want your audience to know. This will benefit your clients and your company.

Document design

Think carefully about what sort of design you want to use for your printed documents. If you are going to reduce printing costs, you need to consider the colours you print in. Black and coloured ink is expensive. That’s why you may only want to prioritize certain colours. That way you can save on having to provide different printer ink. If you want to produce drafts, make sure to keep it greyscale. That way you can check out the design and how it fits on the printer without needing to waste precious ink.

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