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Maintaining odorless and clean indoor air quality is more difficult than you think; mainly because smells and allergens remain trapped for long streches between cleanings. Removing the source of that odor and cleaning the items that hold the smell is the only way you can overcome this problem. Odor removal after accidents like fire, water damage is not as easy as spraying a freshener in the room. Instead, you’ll have to work on all items that come in contact with that smell and make sure that it doesn’t stay there after a thorough cleaning. Professional odor removal is a detailed process that includes removing affected furniture, clothing, bedding etc. and drying the entire house.

If your home has recently been under fire, sewerage overflow, or rainwater accumulation, you must know how awful the rooms smell after these incidents. Everything feels rusty and worn-out due to the trapped smell, and the indoor air quality is often affected. Once the problem is over, the work of retaining your fresh indoor air and making your home free of the smells really begins. Here’s why odor removal is essential:

  • It retains air quality

Fire incidents, burnt food, overflowed sewage, or soaked clothing; no matter which smelly event you have faced recently, removing its traces is essential. If you let the soot or moisture stay inside your home, walls, and clothing items, you’ll expose your lungs to harmful elements. Fire traces remain in the air for months and slowly damage your lungs when you inhale it. Also, water accidents such as flooding may soak your carpets and furniture, eventually leaving an unpleasant smell behind.

  • It stops allergens from growing

Moisture and food matter can trap allergens inside your home, which can cause several diseases in the long run. Even if you have removed the superficial damage, the smell present inside the walls is a perfect breeding ground for unsafe microorganisms. Mould and mildew growth produce smells and makes your air quality awful. After you have done pest control or disinfestation, removing odor is important. This process will improve your breathable air and help you overcome that nasty smell of mold spores.

  • It saves your furniture and upholstery

Minor accidents like burnt food and spilt water can leave smell inside your furniture and upholstered items. That’s when professional odor removal comes to the rescue. When done right, the odor removal procedure can retain the freshness of your sofas and uproot all smell-generating particles from their soft layers.

  • It helps you forget those unpleasant times

We all wish that no unpleasant accident happens to our family and home. But sometimes we cannot avoid them. If your home has undergone fire, pipeline leakage, or other catastrophic events, its smell will keep haunting you. Professional odor removal sucks that smell out of every single item in the home and helps you overcome the unpleasant feelings the accident can cause. So, give your home a new life by eradicating the marks of something you don’t want to remember.

  • It is therapeutic to have a home fresh

Who doesn’t like breathing in fresh and clean air? I am sure we all do, and that’s the reason you should work on upgrading your indoor air. Remove odor of food, water, sweat, fire, and perfumes from the room and see how fresh it feels. If your home doesn’t feel fresh no matter how deeply you clean it, try doing odor removal as odor isn’t something you can eliminate by simply washing the floor.

Removing unpleasant odor from home requires lots of patience and time. Start with some basics and free your home from those long-lingering smells.

  • Remove carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs absorb soot smell and must be thoroughly cleaned afterwards. Even if there is no burning damage to the mats, there must be smell inside them. So, remove them from the floor and go for washing/dry cleaning.

  • Repaint the walls

Porous walls can contain old smells which come out with time and make your room feel dull. If your walls have been affected by water/smoke, repaint them. The new paint will work as a concealer for the underlying smell.

  • Dry clean all clothing

When water or fire damage your home, even the clothes laying inside your dresser can feel smelly. That’s why it’s important to dry clean those stored clothes, beddings, and curtains if you want them to feel fresh.

  • Replace mattresses and pillows if possible

Mattresses and throw pillows don’t easily let go of odors. In fact, they are the hardest items to clean. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace your mattresses if the smell doesn’t seem to go away.

  • Replace the most affected rugs

If a thick rug absorbs smoke/odor, it cannot be retained to its original state; replacing it is important. But, if you don’t want to let go of things, repetitive washing and vacuuming will help.

  • Wash the upholstered items

Covered sofas are hard to clean, which is the reason they often feel smelly. When you eat food on a couch or have accidentally spilt a drink on it, the smell won’t go away easily. Washing and professional odor removal are the solutions for upholstered furniture.

  • Clean ducts and pipelines

HVAC ducts can hold odor and keep releasing it from time to time. And since these ducts are the main source of your breathable air; don’t ignore them.


Whether your home has undergone an accident, or your kids frequently spill food on the sofas, removing the smell is always hard. To improve your indoor air and make the home fresh again, odor removal practises are best. Start with removing the most affected items and work your way up the ladder to repaint and refurbish. This process will take time, but once done, your home will feel fresh again.

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