Moving to a New Office Space is Risky, but Worth It


Deciding to move to a new office space does not guarantee success even if you have positive reasons for doing it. You might have to spend more money on office rental. You might also run the risk of losing employees who are not willing to move. You might have to pay a lot to move all the things inside the office. Despite that, you still need to go for it.

Your needs are changing

As a business entity, you do not remain the same forever. At some point, you have to grow and expand. You cannot do it if you are in the same office space; the space becomes crowded. You do not want employees to feel uncomfortable in their working environment. Therefore, even if you have to spend more on your new office space, it is okay. Besides, the nature of the operations might also change, and the old space is not adequate anymore.

Your profits are also increasing

When your business starts to earn profits, you do not mind spending more on essentials like office space. If this decision could further boost your company’s profits, it is an investment worth the price. You do not need to suffer in a small space when you know that the company can afford to spend on a larger office.

Your employees will understand

When you explain the news to your employees, they might disagree. They will even complain that they are not happy with your decision. As you tell them the reasons why you are moving, they will understand you. If they still do not want to move, you can offer them options like a salary bump or let them go with a good severance package.

You need to move your company forward

You started a small business with the intent of eventually growing it. Moving to a bigger office space is one of the ways that you achieve that goal. It also allows you to open the company to many possibilities. Running a business will always come with a risk, and it includes the decision about where to operate. You do not know what will happen if you move. You worry that your employees will not be as productive as they used to be. Do not allow your fears to prevent you from advancing the company.

Prepare now

Moving to a new office takes time. If you are sure that you are moving forward this way, you need to inform your employees. You also need to look for a new office space. Check your contract to determine your obligation with the current landlord before leaving. If you need to clean the place and fix any issues, you can ask for help from end of tenancy cleaning London companies. You cannot deal with these details alone. You also do not want to punish your employees by forcing them to clean the old office. Try creating a timeline so that everyone is on the same page for moving.

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