InventureX Review: Best Solution For Crowdfunding Your Business?

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Crowdfunding has transformed the way entrepreneurs fund their ideas and changed the way they turn their vision from just a dream, into reality. Around the world, $34 billion has been raised thanks to crowdfunding, and the industry is projected to explode to over $300 million within the next 5 years. What that means is that there is massive untapped potential in the crowdfunding market, and all entrepreneurs should turn to crowdfunding when looking to launch their business. But because there is so much competition for crowdfunding, entrepreneurs want to make sure their campaign is going to stand out and succeed. And it may not seem like it from the surface, but there can be pitfalls and risks when launching a crowdfunding campaign. Entrepreneurs want to make sure they’re fully prepared for the world of crowdfunding, before they turn to it to fund their business. InventureX is a crowdfunding agency, which has helped more than 350 entrepreneurs successfully fund their ideas. We wanted to review InventureX, because they’ve been getting a lot of traction online, and see if this agency is the best solution for crowdfunding your business.

What they do

InventureX helps guide entrepreneurs through the crowdfunding process, from start to finish. They come up with a product launch strategy, as well as a pre-launch and full launch plan, so your crowdfunding campaign is well thought out from the beginning. Then, InventureX helps with advertising, and even backer fulfillment. At the end of the campaign, InventureX comes up with a post-funding ecommerce strategy, to make sure entrepreneurs are in the best place possible for their business to succeed.

The facts about InventureX

InventureX crowdfunding has high numbers when it comes to their success. 86% of their entrepreneurs have either hit or surpassed their target fundraising goals, and some of their funding raising goals include7-figure numbers. InventureX also has the backing of some big names. Kevin Harrington, an original “shark” from the TV show Shark Tank, is a partner of InventureX. He founded the very successful “As Seen on TV Brand.” Kevin O’Leary, another Shark Tank investor and global leader in launching campaigns, has endorsed InventureX. Plus, Mark Campbell, the VP of marketing, has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur, and has launched more than 300 different products and ideas over the length of his career. What this means is that there is real entrepreneurial expertise behind InventureX, and that entrepreneurs who partner with this agency will have all of that support and resources behind them.

Why use a crowdfunding agency

The crowdfunding market is saturated with projects competing for funding, and since the market is only expected to explode in size, there will only be increased competition for funding. Plus, launching a crowdfunding campaign is very public, and if there’s a misstep, it could shake consumers’ confidence in you and your company as a whole. That’s why it’s important to get things right from the start, when turning to crowdfunding, and why using a crowdfunding agency like InventureX can be a game changer.

For more on InventureX, entrepreneurs can reach out for a free project review, or follow them on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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