Interlight: Lighting the Path Ahead for ECommerce Success

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In today’s age of advancement, technology has grown at a rapid rate. While we keep an eye out for the latest phone, television, and watch upgrades, certain sciences seem to fly under the radar. One such piece of tech is the most basic necessity: light. Light is a technology that has become so commonplace in our homes, offices, and lives that we tend to think little of it. Aside from moments of power outage via storm, glitch, or extinguished lamp, we no longer need to ponder the power of light and how it works.

Despite our reliance on light, we give little thought to the advancements that are happening right underneath our noses – or rather, above our heads. Nevertheless, Interlight and their CEO Jeffry Graham has worked to advance the technology and customer service experience that provides our lives with light.

Whether it’s how we use it, why we need it, or – most importantly – how we get it, Interlight is very literally lighting the path ahead for eCommerce success.

  • Products

While the first light bulbs that come to mind are probably those in our homes, the power of light goes much further than that. In fact, lightbulbs are a necessity in a lot of life-saving facilities and products. Whether it’s illuminating hospitals or the medical devices in them, providing a trusted source of light can be more important than simply having a place to read. Interlight works to ensure that their products are strong enough to power everything from an ambulance to a golf cart.

  • Supply

If you’ve ever had a light go out on you while going about your evening, you know the importance of replacing it… fast! Sometimes, it can be difficult finding the exact bulb you need or at a reasonable price. Interlight ensures that they are providing a wide range of products, easily organized so that you can find the right one. They’re also working to ensure that you receive your product with as minimal a wait and cost as possible, no matter your unique lighting need!

  • eCommerce

While Interlight’s passion for technology has allowed them insight into how to better light our communities, it has also allowed them to benefit from other technologies. One such technology is that of online shopping, or eCommerce. ECommerce has changed the way that consumers shop by providing affordable, accessible, and fast products. Interlight uses the power of online shopping to ensure that everyone has the light that they need to go about their day.

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By providing the most accessible platform with multiple lighting solutions, Interlight has expanded their products globally. Their mission to provide unique lighting solutions beyond their community walls, is what has made them a leader in eCommerce success. In a scenario which would otherwise have you walking to your nearest home improvement store or suffering long waits from specialty shops, Interlight has expanded their product and its necessity to higher realms through the efficiency of ecommerce technology.

  • Growth

The advancements in lighting have sparked many great inventions affecting our lives daily. While the advancement has made little impact in the news, they’ve made great strides in an everyday necessity.
Through this mission to continue providing accessible light to every person, Interlight continues to light the path for ecommerce success. It’s with this passion for innovation that allows Interlight to continue to be a leader in eCommerce.

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