Green Vehicles in the New Year

The market for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is expected to mushroom in 2022. More economical prices, sleeker designs, and more efficient batteries are all contributing to elevate EVs above regular petrol-powered vehicles in many consumers’ minds. This is aside from the ever-present environmental concerns that motivate EV purchases. According to analyst Daniel Ives, 2022 may see EVs take up 5% of vehicle sales, while in 2025 that figure looks set to grow to about 10%.

In 2021, EV companies struggled with a stubborn semiconductor shortage as well as the crippling effects of the Covid-19 virus, which led to troublesome interruptions in supply chains, diminished production levels, and even factory shutdowns. The pandemic has not yet been eliminated, so the part it may play in the EV industry in 2022 remains unknown. There is, as of yet, no grand solution available for the supply chain issues that have plagued the market, and the shortage of chips hasn’t disappeared either. However, EVs are becoming more and more desirable to consumers, especially considering the high-quality vehicles being produced by top EV companies, such as the new Hyundai models. Before you start trading shares in big EV companies as CFDs, here is all you need to know about electric cars in 2022.


The new Hyundai Ioniq 5 has a lot to offer. Its powerful DC chargers can produce 350 kilowatts of energy and increase the range of the vehicle from 10% to 18% in 18 minutes. This is something only Porsches can do thus far, and is significant to the new Hyundai because the speed of charging is a big focus in EV development. The SUV can seat five people but is designed to be as compact as possible. Prices of the new Hyundai start at $39,700, but go up to $54,500, and ranges extend from 220 miles to 303 miles.

The 2022 Kona Electric Elite is the new Hyundai in the Kona EV range and has the attraction of being more affordable than the original Kona. It offers satellite navigation, rain-sensing wipers, a push-button gear selector, and digital driver display. This model may prove to be very popular among consumers due to the combination of its modern design and cheap pricing.

Rivian, Tesla, NIO

Rivian were the first producers of an electric SUV. According to analyst Daniel Ives, “Rivian is set to create a new category in the EV space,” and “[grow into] a major brand over the next decade.” The company’s pickup truck last year proved to be a big success, and their new R1S SUV is expected to become available in March 2022, starting at $70,000. Its range will be a respectable 316 miles and it will carry 750 horsepower.

Tesla’s market value exceeds $930 billion, making it the world’s most valuable car company. In the first three-quarters of 2021, Tesla’s sales outperformed all of its competitors. The Tesla Cybertruck, which was supposed to come out in late 2021, is now expected to appear near the end of 2022 at a starting price of $39,900 and with a 250-mile range. A 3-motor version will extend to a range of 500 miles but cost you as much as $69,900.

Despite all the excitement over Chinese EV manufacturer NIO, 2021 saw sharp drops in stock price from the high of $64.60 in February down to $27.52 in December. Near the close of 2021, NIO’s share prices experienced a boost together with those of certain other Chinese companies. In the year’s final month, they produced more than 10,000 cars, but were hard hit earlier in the year by the chip shortage and Covid-related obstacles. This year could be much better for NIO, as they are set to release their new ET7 sedan in the first quarter, and the ET5 in September. In terms of revenues, some analysts expect these to increase by 74% year-over-year.

Peaking Ahead

Even though some EV stocks have suffered a dip in the past year, China is expecting sales of electric vehicles to climb past the 5 million-mark in 2022. Looking specifically at NIO, the company is going to be expanding into five more European countries this year, offering their unique battery swapping techniques. They already boast three SUV models and a coupe sports car. The strong demand gives many analysts reason to believe that NIO’s stock may be due for better days in 2022, despite its recent history of sinking share prices.

This is just a start on finding out all you need to know about electric cars, especially if you plan to start trading shares of big EV companies like Tesla, Rivian or NIO as CFDs. When it comes to CFD trading, which allows you to invest in volatility of share prices in both directions, it’s important to have a firm grasp of how CFD trading works as well as the latest updates on the companies in whose share prices you’re investing. Thus, do as much research as possible so you can make informed trading decisions.


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