Crowdfund Rescue LLC: 5 Tips To Keep Backers In The Loop [Crowdfunding In 2020]


A huge part of crowdfunding is keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest developments. It is overlooked at times, but without updates, supporters have no idea how everything is going. It leads them to make their conclusions, which may or may not always be accurate.

Providing quality updates might seem relatively easy, but how often should they be sent? What information should be inside them? Here are five tips from Crowdfund Rescue LLC on keeping supporters in the loop on a project.

Try to provide at least one update per week.

Every project is going to be slightly different, but at the very least, provide a weekly update. It keeps backers engaged, and they always have an idea about what is going on. If one update per week is enough, try to stick to a schedule so that supporters know when to expect that email.

A weekly update doesn’t have to be a ton of information but thinks about progress, deadlines, and general updates. Quality updates will increase the likelihood of current backers giving more towards the project, and they are more likely to share the project with others.

Always be thankful

These updates are going to people who have already pledged money, so they need to know how much help they are providing in the early stages. If it is still very early on in the project, don’t be afraid to thank individuals by name in the update. Everyone loves getting individual recognition, and this is a great and simple way to give it.

If it is later in the campaign, or the campaign is just too large to name every single person individually, think about running a donor of the week campaign. The selection process can be pretty simple, and it provides something to strive for as a backer. Even if an individual does not receive thanks correctly, seeing that someone is getting recognition is valuable.

Don’t make updates text only.

Related image There is nothing enjoyable about getting blocks of text in an update. Backers certainly want to have some information on what is going on, but provide photos and video to break up some of the paragraphs.

Not only does this provide some valuable information and add some visuals, but it is straightforward to share something like that with potential backers. They don’t have as much use for paragraph after paragraph of words they might lose interest in halfway through.

Make everything social media friendly

When building off of adding photos and videos, everything should be easily shareable across all the major social media platforms. It’s pointless to have information only posted on a campaign official page when so few people visit it daily.

Posting on social media allows for easy sharing, and a brand is buildable through those platforms. This is a straightforward way to pick up additional backers who might discover a crowdfunding campaign organically just by being on social media.

Tag, the right people, use the right hashtags, and social media can quickly turn into a great marketing option.

Make every update interactive

Community social media people Free Vector Ask at least one question in every update. Encourage feedback and watch engagement go up. People like to feel like they are a part of something, and this is a great way to get that feeling.

Sparking a conversation can be a great way to develop personal relationships as well. When someone responds, take the time to reply directly back to them. Just going that extra mile can prove to be beneficial.

If you want to achieve peak potential for your crowdfunding campaign, you need all the help you can get. Crowdfund Rescue LLC can provide you with the expertise you need to achieve success. Whether it is to raise money and awareness for a product, service, company launch, or charitable cause, they can help you every step of the way, That is why Crowdfund Rescue LLC has gathered quite an amount of positive reviews online.

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