American Hartford Gold – How to Choose the Best Gold IRA Company

Best Gold IRA Companies: Top 5 Gold Investment Retirement Accounts for 2022

An IRA is a retirement savings account that allows you to save towards retirement. And while there are several types of retirement accounts, a self-directed IRA offers several benefits you might not want to miss.

Asides from the numerous benefits you get from opening an IRA, self-directed IRAs enable you to diversify your retirement savings in different investment portfolios. So, you can now save in assets such as gold bars, silver, real estate, cryptocurrency, and more instead of just investing in the usual bonds and stocks.

Over time, gold IRAs have become the favorite of several investors. The asset keeps proving its worth as a high-value metal while its prices soar high. Also, several investors prefer it as gold assets are not subject to inflation and preserve the value of an investment.

Hiring a reliable company to manage your Gold IRA is as important as deciding to invest in it. So, you will need to research, read reviews, and learn about several companies. We will discuss more of this below. You can check out Cayman Financial Review to read some reviews about Gold IRA companies.

Four Steps to Choosing a Reliable Gold IRA Company

A reliable IRA company is more concerned about your financial growth than making profits for themselves. So, you can use these steps below to find one.

  1. Understand your financial goals
  2. Carry out research
  3. Contact the custodian of your choice
  4. Open your retirement account.

Understand Your Financial Goals

Taking a step to invest is one that requires careful thinking and planning. This is because you will need to deny yourself of the present needs while putting out funds for future purposes. And this is not something you want to do anyhow. So, it is best to understand what you want to achieve with your IRA.

Carry out Research

You will need some basic research skills to find a good custodian. For instance, you need to do a wide search, make a list, and learn about several companies. And you can do this online using any search engine. You can watch this video to learn more about searching online.

Furthermore, there are several factors you can consider while researching. Below are some of them.


What do they say about a good name? ‘It is worth more than riches. So, ensure the company you want to invest in has a good reputation. And there are a few ways to check for this.

A good reputation is something obvious. And one wayto check for reputation is through reviews.

Several sites offer quality reviews on gold IRA investment companies. And this is a good place to start. These sites do not only provide details about the company, but they also provide a customer rating that shows how others found the business helpful. An example of such site is Investopedia.

Furthermore, Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and other search engines show reviews of some top companies on their search result pages. This can help you compare various companies while you search. You can consider those with at least a four-star rating.


It is not every custodian that offers every kind of IRA. So finding one that provides the account specific to your needs is a necessary step to take while you search.

You can find custodians that offer services specific to your needs by personalizing your search. For instance, if you are looking for a company that accepts 401(k) transfers, you can include it in your search query. This will help provide streamlined results rather than an endless list of what you might not need.


The last thing you want is to invest with a firm that is not legally recognized. This can lead to you losing your entire investment. So checking for licenses is a step you do not want to miss while searching.


Another yardstick to selecting a custodian is certification. So, while searching for a firm, verify whether they are under the purview of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). You can go to to read more about the Security and Exchange Commission.

The SEC is an independent body that oversees all matters concerning the regulation of financial investments. They also ensure that financial institutions abide by the law and preserve their client funds.

Contact the Custodian of Your Choice

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You can learn a lot from contacting your choice company. For instance, you can learn about their values, goals, and whether or not they are customer-centric. So, check the company website for their contact details.

There are several ways to contact a company. It can be through emails, online customer service chat platforms, phone calls, and etcetera. However, a phone call helps you figure out more details than you could have with any other means. So, look out for the following while on a call with a customer representative:

Conversation Tone

The best companies invest in hiring and training professional customer service representatives. This is because customer representatives are the first point of contact in a customer’s journey. In short, the competence of a customer representative can determine whether or not a customer goes ahead to buy.

A harsh tone or one that shows lack of enthusiasm is a sign of incompetence. So, look out for the responses to your questions and whether they go into detail or not. A positive sign is if they provide you with extra value and are cheerful when answering your questions.


Companies that are reliable and transparent provide vital details about their services and products on their web pages. Also, their customer representatives provide all the details you need. So, if they cannot provide you with all the details you need, that can be a red flag.


Reliable firms are more customer-centered than they are interested in making profits. They are concerned with helping their customers get the best services and get value for their money. On the other hand, unreliable companies are more into selling you their products or services and this is a huge red flag.

Open Your Retirement Account

Once you are comfortable with a company and its offer, you can proceed to the signup page. Usually, registration does not require much. You may need to fill out a form on the company’s website.


Saving your retirement funds in a gold IRA can help you preserve the value of your investment. And this is a better option, especially if you are a long way from retiring. Taking steps to find a reliable custodian can ensure that you have a smooth experience investing in gold IRAs.


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