5 Tips For a Successful Retail Store Opening Party


Congratulations on opening your first retail store. Having creative control over your business is an exciting achievement. Now all you need to do is find customers. One of the most effective ways to get a buzz going about your business is to have an opening party. The best way to get your business started on the right foot is to create a great launch.


So what are some of the best elements that go into throwing a retail store opening party? Take a look at some tips to help you get started.




What kind of an opening party would it be without any decorations? In addition to balloons and maybe even flowers, you should make sure to include a sign.


The best way to make your brand a household name is to get people familiar with your logo. Post a sign or wall decal that proudly debuts your store’s name. Make sure that it’s eye-catching and well printed so that people are drawn towards your branding.


Drink and Food


Even though it’s a professional party that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be drinks and food when people go to an event, they expect to have something to sip on and snack on. In addition to marketing your business, you also want to network with people.

You’ll find that people are much more willing to stick around and network if you have beverages and snacks.


Display Your Products


When people arrive, you should make sure that you’ve laid out all of your products for them to see. If you want your retail store to be a success, you should make sure that you know how to appeal to your audience with effective product merchandising.


That being said, when laying out your products, consider the different ways that you can arrange them. Think of stores like IKEA, which are strategically laid out to appeal to the customer as they navigate. Lay out your merchandise in a way that will encourage people to look at your products.


Offer a Prize


A great way to get more people to attend your lunch party is to offer some kind of an incentive. Consider a door prize that is offered to one lucky winner by the end of the event. Think about a gift certificate for your store or maybe even a free product.


For the best results, advertise the prize ahead of time on social media by getting the word out that people can benefit from of potential perk of attending your show they’ll be much more likely to make an appearance.


Hire a Photographer


One of the most useful ways to show off your lunch party is to make sure that there isn’t a photographer there to take pictures of the event. After the event, you can post the pictures on social media and encourage attendees to tag themselves. Your store should be creating a reputation for itself in no time.















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