4 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Digital Design Company Make Your Website

There is absolutely no reason for any serious business to not have a website — even if it’s just a small single-proprietor operation. Thankfully, having a decent site up and running is a relatively simple matter and most smaller businesses will not need to hire a team of full-time developers to build and maintain a site. This is mostly in part to a number of free hosting solutions and some well-liked “drag-and-drop” applications that allow you to create a website from a template, without the need to learn how to build a site from scratch yourself.

Unfortunately, these seemingly simple solutions come with some limitations. For one thing, you can often end up with a site that is quite generic-looking. Another problem is that these apps may lack the type of eCommerce functionality you need.

For a site that ticks those boxes, you will need to invest the time to learn how to build the site yourself, hire a team full-time, or hire a digital design company to build and maintain your site for you.

The last option is quite appealing for a good number of reasons. Here are some arguments for having a specialized agency create your site for you.

1.) You can get something uniquely suited to your organization

While drag-and-drop options are fine for most people, you will often end up with a site that looks generic. While a generic-looking site is certainly a step up from a terrible website or having none at all, having something that looks like everyone else’s can be less than ideal for your brand — especially if you want it to get noticed.

2.) You’ll get access to expert designers from the very start

The problem with learning how to build the site yourself or even with hiring a full-time team is that you will usually come up against a significant learning curve. It can take months for you to build a good enough site, if not longer.

By going with a digital design company, you get instant access to qualified designers to work on your site, most with experience working on dozens of similar projects. This means you’re likely to come up with a better finished product, provided you choose an agency with a proven track record.

3.) You can go beyond the customization possible on popular drag and drop apps

Sometimes you want to have a special feature on your website, such as animation or an embedded app of some kind. These types of functions are not always supported or even possible on many popular website building solutions. But if you have a digital design agency do this for you, you will typically have access to experts who can help make your idea a reality.

4.) You’ll probably have your site up and running a lot faster 

Agencies typically work for several different clients and thus usually have the scale and the specific expertise to create a site much faster than most in-house teams can expect. The investment needed to have this scale and speed is not usually practical for most companies — but it is for agencies. This means they are typically the fastest means to have a quality website up and running.


There are several solid advantages to using a digital design company for building your website that makes them worth considering over popular DIY apps. Not only are they often the better choice for any brand that wants serious eCommerce capabilities, but they are also potentially the fastest way to have a professional-looking online presence.


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