3 Ways To Keep Your ATM Business Going During The Pandemic

It’s safe to say that there is barely an industry or business that the pandemic has not impacted. Employees have been forced to change how they operate and facilitate customers.

While time and again lockdowns are implemented and people are forced to stay inside their homes, e-commerce transactions and digital banking are on the rise, along with contactless payments.

Touch-based solutions and public access make people wary of using ATMs. However, there are still many who prefer to keep cash for emergency purposes. As a result, you need to make sure you facilitate the experience for them and encourage people to use ATMs.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to maintain and grow your ATM business.

Install ATMs In Neighborhoods

Get creative and install mobile ATMs in various neighborhoods to create easy access for people. It will make a difference since no one is keen to use the grocery store ATMs that are not properly sanitized.

Mobile ATMs in a trailer or van near your customer’s house reduces the number of people using them, decreasing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

A small trailer like a 3’x 5’ can also do the job if built properly with safety locks. Use an inverter, car battery, trickle charger, and a wireless device to set up a low-budget ATM service.

Decrease Credit Card Fees

When you advertise about your ATM, highlight the advantage of the reduced credit card fees that you offer. Usually, businesses have to pay from 1.3% to 3.5% credit card processing fees on every transaction they make.

Since ATMs allow payment through cash, you can avoid card processing fees. Additionally, you can offer part of the ATM surcharge revenue to the ATM location owner that covers up their card processing fees.

This is especially beneficial for small businesses that can save money on processing fees by allowing cash-only transactions.

Offer Exciting Coupons

Work with the store owner where your ATM is located to promote your future business and improve sales through exciting coupon offers to customers. Print coupons on ATM receipts or have them displayed on the ATM screens to encourage customers to use the ATM and convert them into repeat customers through this.

You can let this offer be while the machine is new for better service awareness among your customers. Then, once there is a solid customer base in the area, you can work with the owner to offer customers only promotionally.

Coupons provide incentives and help increase ATM transactions for a specific location or a particular store. In addition, they compel buyers to return to that shop and use your machine to avail of special offers.


You have to think outside the box if you want your business to survive during the pandemic. For example, use different techniques to promote your ATM while making the process convenient for your customers.

Above all, whatever method you choose, make it your top-most priority to maintain hygiene at the ATM. Keep staff members dedicated to frequent sanitization of the machine and locks. Place sanitizer bottles that customers can use and encourage social distancing and mask usage through flyers.


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