Which Roof Lasts the Longest (And Why it Matters)

When looking for a roof that won’t leak there is only one choice. If a roof is a seamless piece from top to drain leaking is impossible. So for permanent roof solutions, WeatherWeld provides what you are looking for, and the roof can’t leak because it is encapsulated.

Some Roofs can be a Mistake

  • Flat roofs with seams that shrink, can end up letting water in and needing major repairs.
  • Tiled roofs can lift during a storm and need constant repair, especially following winter.
  • Coatings are often sold to restore deteriorating roofs, and they don’t last long often causing leaks to get in.
  • Uplift is another problem with some roofs flying right off during storms and allowing the rain to pour in.

Managing industrial estates can be a nightmare for the realtor, as many don’t want to spend money on their roofs, however, this is a false economy and to keep equipment safe the roof has to be watertight at all times. Also appropriately secured to avoid lifting in the strong winds of the cyclone season.

During the hurricane season, category 3 cyclones can reach winds of 110 mph. So any roof that is not expertly anchored is likely to end up miles away. This creates risks and hazards for everyone, and the need to be safe starts with the right roofing systems. Because the winds are followed by torrential rain the roofing work must be completed in the dry season starting in October and completed by March or April.

Checklist for Protecting Your Roof

  • Have the roof properly installed initially, consider WeatherWeld to keep your valuable equipment dry and safe all year.
  • Ensure that the roof is seamless, on a flat roof seams always leak
  • No toxic chemicals are used during the installation
  • Keep your roof maintenance-free with an encapsulated roof
  • Avoid long-term maintenance by using a seamless application.
  • WeatherWeld is a permanent solution to all your roofing needs as it prevents wind and rain from entering because it is all in one piece.

Deciding on Your New Roof

Always get a couple of quotes before having a new roof installed. WeatherWeld has excellent references as its roofs have been erected on many public buildings throughout the city. A long-lasting roof makes life a lot easier, as you will never need to schedule maintenance again.

Most suburban houses are constantly maintaining their roofs and with WeatherWeld, you will no longer need to worry about this problem.

Your property is an investment, and a leaking roof can undermine the investment and cost lots of money to fix. Any issues with the roof will cause major disruptions to your business, and of course, a financial loss due to roof repair and restoration. Some people find they need to start again and put a new roof.


Your permanent roof solution is WeatherWeld, and you won’t regret it as it will keep your equipment safe and secure for years, often until long after you retire, you will still be able to take pride in having the best ever roof.


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