What You Should Never Google Again

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Google is a great place to find anything you need, in most cases. However, sometimes it can work against you if you are unsure that your googling could cause you trouble or harm. But what information is safe to google and what is not safe? Googling The Pirate Bay site to stream movies, shows and documentaries is acceptable, but what about googling your name? Symptoms? Anything criminal? It may be out of curiosity, but it may cost you in one way or another. Below are things most people have already googled but should refrain from googling again.

What you do not want to see in ads later 

If you do not want to see ads of something later, avoid googling it. For instance, you may have an odd question about a rash you have. But after googling it, it causes ads to open for various rash treatments for weeks to come. Thus, it is safe to visit a doctor and keep these and other ailments out of the list of things you do not want to google. To fix this problem retroactively, learn how to check and delete the google activity once you finish your google search.

Anything that can incriminate you 

Google will Require Play Store Apps to Report how they Collect and Use Data  – https://istanbulpost.com.tr

One of those things not to google is anything against the law? More especially now that the computers are analyzed with security experts. Also, your social media and telephone calls and conversations for interrogation. Nowadays, it is commonplace for reference to at least either of these if you are part of a trial. Google can be useful in many ways, but be careful if it is against the law.

What can embarrass you 

Sometimes it is best to not search google for anything you think can be used against you. Everyone has embarrassing inquiries, but sometimes it is best to find other ways to get the information about it. According to security experts, deleting your search history does not mean you are safe. For instance, if you wish to join a political race or any other public figure. It is easy for people to get your web history and gather information about your online habits. Plus, you do not want to have ads popping up of the same inquiries you made, especially with a boss lurking over you.

If a product is safe or not 

People on the internet claim to be experts in everything and have a lot of opinions on everything. However, you may be wondering if a product is safe to ingest or apply, and you choose google as your advisor. On various forums, you will get yes and no answers, and most times, you will tend to rely on the positive side. Therefore, it is best to seek advice from professionals and avoid googling things concerning your safety online.

Unsafe streaming websites 

BazaLoader Masquerades as Movie-Streaming Service | Threatpost

Online entertainment is one-way people love spending their time. But if you visit a movie or gaming website with pop-ups, you may be putting malware on the device you are using from this site. Using the same device to pay your credit card bill or check your bank account, you are at risk of possible identity theft and hacking. So, add this to the list of things not to google and use different devices for recreational use and online banking, where possible.

Anything criminal 

Among anything you can google, this one is serious. It may be out of pure interest to google things. Such as how to make a bomb? However, you need to be aware that drug control services and security track these kinds of google searches. Plus, you do not want your IP address appearing in security tracking databases and getting in trouble because of your curiosity.

To conclude, in this era of the internet. Many people are curious to learn about anything with the help of google. But, some things can compromise your privacy, get you in trouble, and also give you sleepless nights. If you need to know more about a medical condition, talk to your doctor or a professional in the field directly. Also, internet safety is vital today more than ever, with everyone trying to protect their data and privacy.

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