Types of ATV Tires Explained

If you want to customize your ride, you can equip your ATV with different types of tires to give it a boost. ATV tires can be swapped out for different types of riding or if you want to give your vehicle an easy upgrade. New tires, such as rocky terrain ATV tires, are a great option when the weather or terrain is challenging and can make your ride safer and more fun. Here is a guide to the different types of ATV tires you can equip on your vehicle.

Which ATV Tire Is Great for General Use?

If you spend a lot of time on your ATV, it’s smart to have a good pair of tires that are ideal for general use. The most common tire that works for general use is the all-purpose ATV tire. Some riders equip their vehicles with ATV racing tires if they spend a lot of time working on their speed. Additionally, riders may want to invest in other types of tires for ATV rides in specific situations or weather scenarios. Here are the tire options for ATV riders. 

  • All-Purpose – All-purpose or all-terrain ATV tires are a good buy if you’re on a budget and need something that is versatile. Many all-purpose tires are constructed in a heavy-duty six-ply material to offer maximum durability.
  • Sand – Riders who want to conquer trails on the beach or along the sand dunes may get better performance from sand tires. Sand tires feature a unique tread design that helps the ATV navigate in this type of terrain. Many models of sand tires have paddles in the tread to give the ATV a better grip.
  • Mud – For regular riding on muddy tracks and trails, mud tires can give you more control and more precision. Mud tires for an ATV are rugged and tough, with most designs made in a six-ply construction.
  • Motocross – Motocross riders need a tire that will grip the course but also provide plenty of speed. Tracks in this sport feature sharp turns and loose dirt so the tires need to be able to handle these conditions. They are mostly a four-ply or six-ply construction.
  • Off-Road – The off-road tire is another good bet if you ride on trails that have different types of terrain. Riders who trek through rocky terrain or trails with loose dirt on a regular basis may get the most out of their ATV with an off-road rated tire.

Plan Ahead With Sand ATV Tires

Some riders are caught off-guard when they go to a new track or visit a trail that has unfamiliar terrain. While most trails and conditions are easy to navigate with an all-purpose or all-terrain tire, places with sand may give riders some trouble if they aren’t prepared. Purchasing ATV sand tires for these situations can help you be ready for an exciting beach trek or an adventure on the sand dunes. Without dedicated sand tires, you may struggle to move forward in sandy conditions. 

A new set of ATV tires can give your vehicle some new life. If you want to experience a new thrill with your ATV and get a better grip on the course along with some speed, invest in the tires that match your destination’s conditions.


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