Talkspace On The Most Common Challenges of Homeschooling During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic changed the lives of millions of people around the world. For many school children, Covid-19 did something they likely never expected: the pandemic led to massive school closures. Since grade school and high school students would not benefit from months and months away from their formal education, parents and children moved towards homeschooling. Often, the homeschooling program worked in concert with the local school distraction, creating a combination of homeschooling and distance learning.

Parents, children, and teachers never expected to engage in “virtual classroom” learning. Events played out with little planning and much surprise. Some wonder about the mental health and stress aspects a child may feel. Parents might also feel mental health burdens, and Talkspace discussed some points parents could think about when concerned about their mental well being.

Creating a New Home Schedule

Organization and time management might deliver some positive benefits to parents hoping to manage their personal and professional duties with homeschooling ones. The young ones might not be the only household members doing work at home. Parents could handle their work responsibilities via Zoom calls, and chaos would not likely help anyone. Setting up a specific schedule for schooling, working, taking care of the house, and more might be beneficial for everyone. Setting up some quiet time where people in the household get a little time alone could help, too.

Investing in Mental and Physical Health

Talkspace points out that caring for the mind and body could have its benefits. When overwhelmed with the responsibilities of homeschooling and working at home, adults could find themselves not staying on top of exercise and fitness routines. Perhaps investing in some home exercise equipment and scheduling time for workout sessions would be a good idea.

Don’t forget the possible benefits of mental health and de-stressing. Everything from meditation to reading could have value, and such things may be worth exploring.

Understand Changes Prove Unavoidable

The global pandemic presents a serious risk to people’s health. Therefore, significant changes become necessary to, hopefully, preserve one’s health and the health of others. Mask wearing and social distancing are new concepts for many, and getting used to such changes supports getting through tough times.

Parents and children finding themselves unexpectedly working and learning from home may experience a massively unexpected change. An openness could mitigate some of the stress while allowing someone to work on plans to deal with things. Refusing to accept or make any changes could compound difficulties and stress.

Develop Patience

Patience may help parents make the necessary adjustments to maximize the results of homeschooling. Being patient with significant life, work, health, and schooling changes is not easy and might require deliberate and conscious effort. Parents who embrace patience might be doing their children a great service. So, while challenging in a pandemic, learning the art of patience is likely worth the effort.


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