3 Ways To Add Some Personality To A Boring Room

If you’re ready for something new in the space you live or work in, something that will really liven the place up and help you feel happier, more productive, and an increase in creativity, you might want to find a way to add more of your personality to your space. And while this might seem like something easy to do at first thought, really understanding how to make your personality reflect in a space in such a way that it looks great and feels natural to you can be a challenge.

To help you in meeting this challenge, here are three ways to add some personality to a boring room.

Skip The Big Box Stores

For many people looking to decorate a space in their home or work areas, one of the first places they’ll shop, especially if they don’t really have a good idea of what they want or how to work with their space, is at a big box store.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting decor from a big box store, the items that you purchase from stores like this are going to make your home or workspace look like the homes and workspaces of thousands of other people who shop at those stores. And while this can be beautiful, what it will be lacking is your unique personality.

Knowing this, you should seek to shop at places like vintage or antique stores if you’re wanting something that really works with your personality and what you like. Getting a large wall mirror or a piece of art that is more unique and can’t be bought in bulk anymore can be a great way to make your space reflect your personality rather than the styles of a store designer.

Replace Your Old Light Fixtures

Something that can quickly and easily add personality to a space is by replacing the old light fixtures with something new.

In most homes or business spaces, light fixtures are incredibly boring. But even with just a little DIY skills, you can find and install a new light fixture that will really add some charm and character to your space.

Add Some Architectural Details

Many older homes or buildings have some natural charm and personality due to the ways in which they were built and the architectural details that were included at the very beginning. But even if the space you’re working with doesn’t have these kinds of things now, you can add them yourself.

Adding something like crown moldings, shutters, cornices, and more within your current space can help take it from the most basic construction to something that’s bold and beautiful.

If you have a boring space that you’re ready to add some pizzazz to, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find meaningful ways of doing this.


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