Which one is better, flavoured or unflavoured smokes?

There is a lot of debate among the cigar users whether the original tobacco flavor is better or the flavored ones. Most users think that the original tobacco flavored cigars are much better and original. Only the original will be able to provide you with that if you want to feel and experience the real pleasure of tobacco. However, when it comes to flavored cigars, it has its community of appreciators. As per them, flavored cigars are a great smoking product for all kinds of users. Since it is flavored, it is easier to smoke and provides a new dimension to the experience a cigar provides. No matter which cigar is better, both varieties are sold with a lot of popularity. The cigar companies like backwoods smokes have shifted their focus on the smaller and flavored cigars from the last few years. It has been done to attract cigarette smokers and provide users with better options in the product.

Their strategy has worked, and the sales of such cigars have increased over the last few years. Although cigars are strong and much more robust than a cigarette, it still has a dedicated following of people and is used by many. However, with the increase in smaller cigars that come in multiple flavors, the number of users has started increasing for these tobacco products. Flavored cigars are much more affordable when compared to the original ones. Most of the flavored cigars are only available in smaller sizes, except for some of the brands. However, original cigars are not forgotten. Even those are easily available in small sizes now, and a person who is used to smoking cigarettes can get the experience from a cigar in the same size.

Depending on the size, aroma, flavor, and personal preference, people can decide to use a normal unflavoured cigar or use a flavored one. For people who want a part of both the worlds can decide to buy any plain tobacco flavored cigar and use a floured tip. Flavored tips are made of wood or fiber and contain the essence of a certain flavor. The tip can be attached to the cigar and then used to inhale the smoke. The tip provides the smokes’ flavor, and it almost feels like a flavored cigarette. When one does not want to use the flavors, they can remove the tip and use it to smoke in its original form. The tips are available in multiple flavors and are one of the most popular products in the market. Using a tip is much easier and affordable than buying an entire pack of both types of cigars separately. These tips are very affordable and are on offer by multiple brands.

The most common difference between the two is the different blends of tobacco used in it. In the unflavoured one, the blend of tobacco is mixed with certain materials to enhance the experience. However, in a flavored cigar, the tobacco is mixed with the flavoring agent, which is made from safe to consume ingredients. Adding this not only provides the flavor but also makes the tobacco stronger and the smoke richer. If you are looking for a richer experience from the cigar’s smoke, there is nothing better than having an original one. It will be strong in flavors and will provide you with the genuine pleasure of smoking tobacco. However, for people who do not like the robust flavor of tobacco or are smoking for the first time. They can decide to use the flavored version to make things easily acceptable and interesting.

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