Things to Consider Before Buying a Farmhouse

The stressful demands of urban living have asphyxiated people to the extent that enjoying a moment of tranquillity has become a luxury. As a result, many are purchasing new houses, known as a farmhouse, to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A farmhouse is typically like any other house, but which is specifically located in the lap of nature where one can find solace from the fast-paced urban life.

Are you also planning to buy one? If so, there are certain things you need to consider.

Details of the plot

The very first task to consider before buying a farmhouse is to finalise the property. This step would include making decisions regarding the farmhouse’s location, whether to buy a plot and build a farmhouse or purchase an existing one, the amenities available, and the look and feel of the structure.

In case you decide to build a farmhouse, you need to take into consideration the Floor Space Index or the FSI – the maximum area of land that is available for construction against the total area of land. The FSI is usually expressed as a ratio. For instance – Out of a 2000 sq. Ft. of land, if only 1500 sq. Ft. is available for construction, the FSI will be equivalent to 3:4.


Buying a house, especially a farmhouse is a substantial investment, and as such, requires proper financial planning. A lot of people may have some portion of the money needed but may require to take the help of home loans for the rest.

If you are also planning to do the same, make sure to check your home loan eligibility and affordability. To help you with this, various online home loan calculators are available. For instance, using the calculator for loan eligibility, you can find out the principal amount that you are eligible to borrow. Similarly, a home loan EMI calculator will help you plan out your EMIs in advance.

Calculate all your monthly financial obligations and compare it against the expected home loan EMI. If you find the figure beyond your repayment capacity, choose a longer tenure to reduce monthly income outflow. However, remember that a longer tenure would also mean higher home loan interest outgo.

Realtor’s trustworthiness

The realtor or property builder of your farmhouse will play a key role in fulfilling your dream purchase. Make sure you choose one wisely. Since 2016, the Real Estate Development and Regulation or RERA Act has been governing realtors.

Before everything, check whether or not your realtor is registered under RERA. The builder’s info should also be checked thoroughly, such as the right to sell the property, authentic documentation, their reputation, previous work, etc. You, as the buyer, have all rights to be thoroughly convinced of the credibility of the builder or realtor before committing to a farmhouse purchase.


Unlike any other property, it is in your interest to have your farmhouse insured, especially since you may leave it unused for extended periods. Farmhouse insurance will cover the structure of your farmhouse itself, its contents such as furniture and appliances, garages or gazebos (if any), and liabilities from injuries to house guests.

Planning to use easy home loans in aiding your farmhouse purchase? Besides checking your eligibility and repayment capability, make sure to compare lenders, especially in terms of home loan interest rates. An ideal lender is one that offers relaxed eligibility, excellent customer service, flexible EMI options, and some of the most competitive home loan interest rates in India.

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