5 Ways to Make Money Online

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone differently, but even if you have a stable job you might be thinking about picking up a side gig or two in order to bring in some extra money each month. If that’s the case, doing something online could be your ticket to success, since it offers you flexibility and can often be scaled up or down based on how well you’re doing.

Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding income sources online. That being said, there are some tasks that are more worth your time and effort than others, and you don’t want to fall prey to a scam either. Here are five of the simplest and best ways to make money online.

Play the markets.

Investing in stocks online is a great way to make money in the long term as long as you’re willing to assume some financial risk in the short term. Business executive and global investment manager Mark Wiseman always advocates thinking about the future when investing in any stock, since being too reactionary in the present could wind up costing you money in the long run. Discussing investing in something stable like infrastructure Wiseman says, “What we’re looking for is boring, predictable, long-term cash flows.” While not as exciting as other private equity options, these are your surest bet as an investor interested in really making money.

Make the most of the tech you already own.

Sometimes the tech you already have is in high-demand which means you could be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it! For example, even if you bought it as a hobbyist interested in the latest gadgets, have you ever thought about how to make money with a drone? From offering freelance photography options to local clients to loaning your drone to a budding filmmaker or surveying land, there are dozens of options to think about when it comes to turning your drone into a flying cash cow. Just make sure to read up on FAA regulations surrounding drones before you put all of your eggs in one basket.

Start flipping merchandise online.

Many people make a sizable income by buying and reselling products online. Whether you’re interested in flipping returned clothing or liquidated electronics like smartphones, tablets, and headphones, the internet makes it easier than ever to buy and resell such goods. Simply head to a website like Direct Liquidation and start browsing their array of Target and Walmart liquidation auctions, among others. Once you receive your wares, you can sell them on your own personal website, or set up an online storefront on a website like eBay or even Amazon.

Take a few extra surveys.

Did you know there are websites that will pay you to take surveys? Some of these are consumer surveys about new or potential products, while others are research-based surveys for universities and colleges. No matter what angle you prefer, taking a few surveys on your way to and from work on the bus or train could be a great way to make a few extra bucks here and there. While it may not make you rich, having the ability to pay for a round of beers for you and your friends without even having to think twice is certainly a nice thing to be able to do with some extra earnings.

Install the Honey plugin to your browser.

Okay, while not technically making you money per se, a browser plugin like Honey can save you a lot of money on everyday purchases. Even if you’re looking to make a larger purchase down the line, you can set an alert with Honey and it will tell you if another vendor has it cheaper than the current store you’re considering buying from. This helps you maximize the money you have, which is its own kind of money-making scheme!

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